Saturday, August 2, 2014

9 More Goth Pinterest Boards To See

In August of last year I posted a list of 9 Pinterest Boards I had been loving lately. I still love using Pinterest to plan houses, outfits, etc. so I thought I'd post more boards that have caught my eye lately:

Trystan of This is CorpGoth on Blogspot has a wonderful Pinterest board of the same name devoted to CorpGoth fashion, primarily women's wear but with a few things for the corporate men among us. Often plus-size and budget friendly, and often featured on my personal Goth Fashion board.

Branching away from my minimalist CorpGoth decor is Insomniac's Attic's Little Gothic Cottage Mood Board which takes a much cozier approach with warm colors and lots of textiles. I looked at this board a lot while planning a more Medieval-inspired decor post, which will be up in a few weeks. Be sure to also check out the accompanying boards Little Gothic Cottage Plumbing, Hardware, lighting, and tile.

Offbeat Bride's Halloween Wedding Board is a great inspiration for those of us who love Halloween weddings (and those of us who love Offbeat Bride!) Tons of great ideas from real weddings, and also featured on my wedding board.

Victoria Thibeau's board Noir Vamp posts a lot of Haute Goth and dark clothing, more on the ""sophisticated"" end of Goth fashion, and has been a big help on my recent board Runway Goth. It's also really helpful if you want to see what trends might be trickling their way down from the autumn and winter collections of famous designers.

Elizabeth Hale's board Disney Home (Gothic) takes inspiration from Disney villains, especially Maleficent, and Disney's Haunted Mansion and transforms it into a wonderfully spooky interior aesthetic.

Vintage Halloween is a group board that posts all things spooky from years gone by. There are collectibles, stationary, and decor which celebrate that charming and quaint aesthetic that I'm pretty fond of, despite the pervasiveness of a sleeker, more modern aesthetic nowadays. (One of the major pinners, Donna Davies, has a lot of really excellent Halloween boards, actually, and I recommend you check them out.)

Gothic Architecture takes center stage on Jo Davie's board with really great pictures showing off my personal favorite architectural aesthetic. There's plenty of gothic revival and original medieval buildings, as well as architectural details found elsewhere.

Mourning Jewelry by Museum of Love and Mortality showcases wonderful pieces of vintage mourning jewels, mostly European but branching beyond the 19th Century, which I find most other boards focus mostly on. Definitely great if you love the history of death.

Looking for makeup inspiration for spooky types? Check out the Goth Makeup board by Goth Inspiration which has a whole host of pretty folk modeling wonderful makeup, as well as a few tutorials scattered throughout.

Do you all use Pinterest? What boards are you liking lately?


  1. I'm very flattered that you liked my boards, Mary Rose! It's usually me pinning your stuff!! ;)

  2. Thanks for the links! Now I have a few more boards to follow and get inspiration from :)