Saturday, July 26, 2014

Gothic Throw Pillows from Sin in Linen

Readers will know that home decor is a real interest of mine, as I've written about it plenty of times before. Around this time of year I start to use my top-sheet pretty much exclusively, so my bed looks pretty dark and plain. So, when I thought my own room at home could use a bit of sprucing up and the lovely folks over at Sin in Linen offered to send me two throw pillows to review.

The pillows with both wrapped in plastic wrap which protected the pillows when the box got wet on my porch (Maryland thunderstorms, sigh.) So A+ on thoughtful packaging.

The first item they sent me for review was their Skull Throw Pillow, which the pictures don't quite do justice. The pirate-y embroidery is done in silver, so it reflects light quite nicely and brightens up the bed. Recently I had to remove the other skull throw pillow I had been using (which you can see on my bed here) because it had gotten unfortunately lumpy and uncomfortable, and I think this is a great replacement.

Next, this Heart Locket throw pillow (currently out of stock) which, again, has a pretty silver embroidery. As a long time lover of skeleton keys and the like, I thought this one was much more Romantigoth than the other pillow (although the description describes it as "kinky" which, in the light of the recent 50 Shades of Grey trailer, I got a good laugh about.)

So, I placed the skull pillow on my bed to accompany the previous one I owned, and the heart locket pillow to my side chair next to my closet.

If you're interested in looking for some new spooky linens, I would definitely recommend Sin in Linen. They were courteous and quick to answer my questions, and shipping was fast. Their throw pillows and Gothic d├ęcor would make a great addition to a spooky room. For my next summertime purchase from them I have my eyes on the batty beach towel.

Have any of you been updating your rooms, recently? What did you add?


  1. I just rearranged the furniture in my bedroom. Exhausting work, but I feel like I have more space now - at least to work comfortably in.

    I am in the market, though, for a cool rug to cover up my ugly beige carpet.

    1. Awesome! I wish I could do some rearranging of my room, but with a built-in chest of drawers and desk that span the entirety of one wall it's not exactly feasible. :/

      I remember Necromance used to have some awesome rugs, one was spider-web shaped and the other was coffin shaped. I wish they'd sell those again.

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