Saturday, June 14, 2014

Goth Fashion Inspiration: Maleficent

Maleficent opened at the end of last month and it's already becoming a favorite among alternative types for it's Wicked-style re-imagining of a classic villain with a beautiful, creepy aesthetic. So, what else could I do but make some Polyvore sets that reflected its aesthetic? 

Daily Wear:

Some of the inspirations I took into account for a daily Maleficent look were a long flowing skirt, a high-collar like the choker she wears in some scenes, faux-spirals that mimic her horns. and the raven motifs like Maleficent's bird friends. 

Maleficent: Daily Wear

Maleficent: Daily Wear by theeverydaygoth

Corp Goth:

For Corp Goth, the look gets stream-lined a bit more with a long-sleeved wrap dress. Add heels for imposing height, an armor ring, and a clutch with knuckle details to mimic Maleficent's growing toughness. The feather, of course, mimics her wings. 

Maleficent Inspiration: Corp Goth

Maleficent Inspiration: Corp Goth by theeverydaygoth

Club Wear:

I had reservations about unnecessarily sexing up Maleficent but decided that if there were any better inspiration for a tough young woman looking to have fun, this would be it. This pearl ring and the choker reminded me of her staff. One of my favorite recent trends for alternative fashion are horns, so I couldn't help but add them onto this look. 

Maleficent: Club Wear

Maleficent: Club Wear by theeverydaygoth 


How about something still fancy but not quite as club-y? This look takes inspiration from Lolita and Aristocratic fashion. Maleficent's wings make an appearance in the feathers of the headdress and the cape. The heels also mimic the hem of 1950's Maleficent's robe.

Maleficent: Fancy


While I was building the sets above I couldn't work in everything, so here is a bonus every day look that has a few more elements. I kept it simple (with jeans for everyone who aren't big on skirts in the rest of these sets) and added a faux fur coat with branded Maleficent jewelry from Hot Topic.

Maleficent: Bonus

Maleficent: Bonus by theeverydaygoth

Have you seen Maleficent, or do you plan on it? How would you draw outfit inspiration from it?


  1. I plan to see it and I recently got inspired from it, too. I'm not that into gothic fashion anymore, but I bought a feather hairclip which I plan to wear when seeing the film combined with a long silk skirt. The hairpiece reminds me a bit of the 20s. I love it! And I'm so sad that it's not really my style. But I guess I just go all out for the film

  2. wow these were awesome inspired designs...I see inspired sets all the time and half of the time they're too heavy handed or the inspiration is completely lost

  3. I wanted to go with my boyfriend, but it was only dubbed in our cinemas...And to be honest, I hate how movies are dubbed in my language, so, I think, I will just wait.
    But I still love all the outfits. They look amazing :)

  4. I still haven't seen this, but I really want to. My pet peeve is how everyone is going to go as maleficent for Halloween. Sigh.

  5. Wow, you've got some really awesome sets right here. I'm thoroughly impressed & I might just try to wear an outfit like them (I'll give you creds if I do :) ! Thanks for the really epic post and I definitely think the movie will be great. Just curious, though, what did you think of the Hot Topic collection for Maleficent?

    1. I mean, as far as Hot Topic collections go I think they're pretty good! But they're still not as elegant and, obviously, high quality as I would prefer.

    2. Oh definitely! I couldn't agree more! Hot Topic stuff is usually a tad watered down in those respects esp. in the quality department. You really get what you pay for, I suppose.

  6. All the polyvore sets are lovely!

  7. Ah these are gorg suggestions! I just watched the movie a couple weeks ago and I loved the aesthetics of it more than anything else. So this inspires me to embody it.

    P.s. will you be doing any outfit ideas for summer posts? I always struggle with the heat where I live Xo

  8. I have been wanting to see Maleficent so badly!!

  9. I am very excited to see Maleficent and I love the fancy outfit here.