Thursday, May 22, 2014

World Goth Day: an Outfit Post

As most of you probably know, May 22nd is World Goth day. To learn more about the event, since I'm certainly not an expert, check their Facebook page here. Here in Massachusetts it is pouring rain, which I think is appropriate (if not so great for socializing) so my plan is to stay inside as long as possible and marathon something spooky (maybe from my Goth netflix list?) Anyway, here's what I'm wearing:

Skirt: thrifted
T-shirt, Batty shoes: Forever21
Shrug, belt: Torrid
Jewelry: Misc

So, are any of you doing something special for World Goth Day?


  1. Work, bleh! Just stumbled upon your site while looking for ideas for floral arrangements. Cute shoes!

  2. I almost bought those shoes but the white made me hesitate; I'm such a slob I just knew I would soil the crap out of them lol. Too bad they didn't come in reverse black with white bats.

  3. Those shoes are so pretty!!! Happy World Goth day!

  4. I love bats! Loving the outfit and the necklace with the big jewel is verry pretty