Saturday, May 3, 2014

More Non-Goth Songs I've been Liking Lately

Last July I made a list of Non-Goth songs I'd been loving lately and mentioned how it is a pretty much seasonal thing for me. Warm weather? Suddenly I want something new, and now that it is getting warm around campus (finally) I thought I would make a list of other non-Goth songs that have been on my mind lately.

Love Bites by Halestorm

Heaven Knows by The Pretty Reckless

Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

Call Me a Hole - Nine Inch Nails/Carley Ray Jepson mashup

 (Oh don't look at me like that)

Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard

What music have you all been loving lately?


  1. y'know... I actually kind of like the pretty reckless. I had this phase when I listened to the TPR radio on Pandora, and the station played all kinds of ... i don't even know what to call it ... poppy teen goth like TPR and kerli. I actually thought it was fun to listen to at work.

    1. I agree! Some of it can be very campy and fun.

  2. Kashmir and Pour Some Sugar on Me are two of my top get naked songs. Haha. And it's really hard not to fall in love with Taylor Momsen's voice. Great picks! My iTunes has been regurgitating a lot of Rammstein and Massive Attack lately. Also revisiting some of my favorite Birthday Massacre songs as well :)

  3. I've had on St. Lucia's "When the Night" and Smashing Pumpkins' "Gish" on constantly these last couple of weeks.