Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hopes for the Future of Goth

Last week's post brought in a lot of great advice for Zoe as for how to be a parent to a budding Goth, but it also got me thinking about what the Goth scene will be like when her daughter is my age, so about a decade. I think the Goth subculture has a kind of dark, lasting appeal that will keep it relevant to many new generations of Gothlings, but I also think it's bound to change. Whether the change occurs in style or music or the social atmosphere of the subculture, there are a lot of ways to go from here. So, here are a few hopes I have for the future of Goth:

More Goth-rock revival music
Everyone has different tastes in music, which I get and love, but a lot of contemporary Goth music is very much EDM-inspired. While I'm not demanding every band be a Sisters of Mercy coverband, a bit more variety in the music scene and particularly some 80's Goth influenced styles would be a great improvement in my opinion.

More affordable plus-sized fashion

It's becoming wearily predictable that whenever I hear someone mention a new store that has cute, cheap clothes their plus-sized selections are either A) priced much higher than their straight-sized lines, B) a much more limited selection in styles or C) non-existent. I've talked about fat Goths before on this blog and I would hope that, in the future, Goth companies design clothes for plus-sized people without charging us an arm and a leg for them.

More freedom in the workplace for alternative styles and body modifications

This is less something directed at the community than it is at society at large, but really the horror many employers have at the prospect of having modded or alternative employees is really ridiculous. While this could, and probably will, take well more than a decade, I still have hopes that people will recognize that it really is the quality of the work that matters in a new employee, not their physical appearance.

More representation of POC Goths

The issue of representation for Goths of Color in Goth-related media is something I hope the subculture takes an active interest in over the next few years. The Goth subculture likes to claim, as a whole, that it is very accepting, but our media so rarely features Goths that are anything but pale-white that it's hard to take our "openness" seriously. So, more POC Goth models, musicians, authors, public figures, etc. would be something I would like to see over the next decade.

More meet-up communities

I think the subculture could benefit a lot from a meet-up community in which Goths that want to meet other Goths would be able to socialize with people in their areas and maybe go to events together. A lot of Goth clubs that I'm familiar with have closed after the recession hit small businesses rather hard, but the proliferation of social media and internet subcultures would make this an ideal time to get things moving on that front.

More blended styles

Goth had a bit of fun for a while blending in with Steampunk and personally I'd love to see what other fashion styles and subcultures Goth will be mixed with in the future. I know Trad-Goth has been having a bit of a revival as of late, which is cool, but there are so many styles to choose from and surely more will be around in the exciting space-year of 2024.

What are your hopes for the future of Goth?


  1. Wow, what a thoughtful post! I love it!! I definitely agree with ALL of these ideas esp. in terms of more meeting up and better representation for POC Goths and plus-sized Goths. As one myself, I think that's a really valid point to make. Plus, blended styles and alt. style being acceptable in the workplace would make everything a bajillion times easier! Such a great post, I really hope you're right and thanks for the interesting food for thought! Cheers!

  2. I hope too that representation of goths of colour improves - since Colour Me Goth shut up shop, I've only seen a smattering of other blogs by goths of colour (anyone feel free to contact me if you think there's notable exceptions I'm not aware of!). Coilhouse ran a great article years ago on the issue, which can be found in their archives.

    1. Do I count? I'm half-Chinese :P

  3. Oh, I so much agree with you!! I don't feel familiar with the EDM music at all. I'm and old, old school goth and my ears are used with guitars :)
    I'm also plus sized and it's a shame that there is such a lack of good looking goth clothes.

  4. "More freedom in the workplace for alternative styles and body modifications"
    oh yes please and hopefully not just in major cities.
    Equality for any type of alternative communities is so important.

  5. In 2024 I would LOVE to be gothing out in the office. The Australian Federal Government is sometimes pretty lenient on the dress code, so maybe I'll try for a job there :)

  6. Kudos on meetup communities. I've found none in my city.

  7. I agree with these! I would especially love to see more diversity in goths and more style blending.

  8. I hope that goths finally learn to separate themselves from the 1980's. I know that's when goth really took off, but we "new generation " goths get shamed & nitpicked at for not dressing like we're from the 80's (a decade we never even existed in)! Goth is a music & fashion subculture, not a historic subculture. We need to be able to grow with the times. Dark lifestyle, music, & fashion is what we're all about. As long as we stay spooky, it doesn't matter what era of fashion we like. The idea is to be unique & unexpected.

  9. For the PoC goths it isn't just saying there should be more of them. It's an unfortunate thing to see dark skinned goths watch dark skinned goths and vice versa. Everyone has to promote and support each other.

  10. I would like to see more LGBTQ+ goths (: