Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weird Corsetry (That I love)

It really isn't a secret that I love corsets, but corsets go beyond just Goth clothes and fetish wear. These corsets are amazing works of art that subvert the very idea of a corset and look damn good while doing it. 

Bottle Tab Corset

The first time I saw this corset I thought it was a kind of scale chain mail, but no! It's made of bottle tabs and, guess what? You can buy a PDF that will explain how to make your own on Etsy for $18. Not included: The 2,000 bottle tabs you'll need to construct it. 

Spine Corset

This Alexander McQueen corset from 1998 amazes me every time it shows up on my dash. Sure it doesn't cinch you in much, but it gives me some serious H.R. Giger-chic vibes. See pictures of it being worn on the runway here.

Leather Corset

Leather corsetry itself is not that unusual but this tooled leather number by Andrew Kanounov (here on Facebook) goes above and beyond just using leather as a fabric and uses it to turn the corset into an eleven armor piece worthy of Lord of the Rings. I couldn't find any photographs of it from the back, which is a shame, because I bet it is just as awesome.

Leaf Corset

This corset by Emma Naughton is made of REAL LEAVES. LEAVES. FROM TREES. While it isn't exactly a wearable piece, I still thought it turned the concept of corsetry on its head and I absolutely love it. 

Silver Knot Corset

This silver wire mesh corset/waist cincher is made using a Prolong Knot and tied up with some nice black ribbon. I love the way it looks like contrasting silver embroidery on the black dress. See more pictures (sadly none of it in-construction) here.

Butterfly Corset

Whatever you think of Dita von Teese (not a fan, myself, but even I have to admit she's got style) but this Mr Pearl corset designed by Jean Paul Gaultier is amazing in construction, beautifully whimsical, and kind of reminds me of what a fairy domme might wear. 


I'm not going to post the image to this blog (for what I hope are obvious reasons) but follow the above link to see the amazing needle corset featured in promotional pictures for Saw VI and its associated blood drive. Really cool, not at all wearable. 

What weird corsets have you seen around on the web? Any hits or misses? 


  1. the bottle tab corset is surprisngly awesome. my favs are piercings and Gaultier's "countryside babes" corset with wheat.

  2. I fall in love with all of McQueen's corsetry any time I see it too - I've been browsing a lot of custom corset creations recently (in the event that I win the lottery), and there's a lot of inspiring design out there.

  3. I'm not a corset fan, but these were fun to see! :-) And that bottle tab corset is incredible!!

  4. good god...the last corset...

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