Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 2014 Resolutions

I'm one of those hopeless people that legitimately enjoys making New Years resolutions, a fact that I can only assume comes out of a combination of enjoying making lists and being a prolific daydreamer. Whether or not I actually follow through, I think it's both useful and fun to plan out some objectives for the coming year.

Blog related:

  • Find a post schedule that works. During school, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to find both the time and the inspiration for twice-weekly posts. So, I think I'll be sticking to one post a week, and then see how things go from there.
  • Write at least three guest posts/articles for other blogs.
  • Work on bettering my SEO and Klout score.
  • Make a media kit. 
  • Host three guest posts on this blog.
  • One resolution I wasn't able to keep that I would like to renew is my 365 Photo project. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have the time to maintain it. So, I'm going to revamp my 365 Photography Tumblr into a regular photography Tumblr not bound by a daily post schedule. Hopefully this will keep me photographing without feeling like missing one day is the end of the world.
  • Host a giveaway once this blog reaches 500 subscribers. 
  • Go through some of my older posts and clean them up, taking new pictures and fixing old links, etc. 
  • Reach 1,000 followers on Pinterest.


  • Last year I pledged to read 52 books, and this was my favorite resolution. I've always described myself as a reader, but between school, the internet, and my own inability to find good books, I'd not been reading as much as I would have liked. Then, in 2013 I decided to change that, and I kept my resolution! (If you want to see the summary of books I read for that challenge, click here.) So, this year my resolution is to read 100 books in 2014. Add me on Goodreads to follow my journey!
  • Build up a more substantial Corp Goth wardrobe (read: buy more pencil skirts. Lots more)
  • Buy a fancy dress. After glancing through my wardrobe I've come to the startling realization that I don't actually own anything I could wear to a dressier event and (if my internship goes as well as I hope) I might need it. Expect a "shallow wants" post in the near future about it. 
  • Get my cartilage pierced.
  • Get a tattoo????? Maybe????
  • Take more outfit shots. I have a tri-pod, there really isn't much of an excuse now. 
  • Finish at least six DIY projects this year. 
  • Finish my study abroad applications and then go back to Scotland. 
  • Get good grades. Try to sleep more. Stay organized. The usual school-related stuff. 
  • Find a summer internship at a museum.
  • Find a brand of liquid eyeliner that doesn't melt right off my face (the ever-present struggle.) 
And I think that's about it! What are your resolutions for this year?


  1. your blog-related goals are interesting and ambitious. you've got a very pro-looking blog. If you are planning on getting a media kit, I'm guessing you're going to manage your own ad sales. I think that's a great way (and classy way) to go. I hate the random adwords ads. I just got it on my blog and I think i'm going to take it off....

    1. after i scrolled down, I noticed that you already manage your own ad sales. fp.

  2. These look like they'd be fun to accomplish! I'm a sucker for making lists at the beginning of the year, but I've never been motivated enough to follow through. That's why this year I'm making mini resolutions to tackle every month.

    Good luck, and I hope 2014 is good to you!

  3. Your blog related resolutions seem wonderful. Guest posts sound very exciting. c:

    Also, cartilage piercings can be tiresome. Not to try and put you off from getting one (I love mine), but snagging is a very real thing and can prolong the healing process. Make sure to keep your hair as far away as possible.

    Good luck! I hope this year is good to you. May your days be bright. c:

  4. I need to do my own resolutions post I think! Yours are great, especially the 100 books one!

    Would you be interested in doing a History/Art History guest post for my new Cemetery Research blog? The blog with be about all things relating to burial and funerals, especially the early medieval period onwards, my own area of especial expertise is the 19th century, but I'm hoping to cover a lot more. It'll be academic but approachable in tone, because right now I'm sick to death of dry academic writing! It's not going live for at least 6 months so I can get a good head start with posts. I know you are into Medieval Art, so maybe something related to Danse Macabre or Memento Mori art? If you are interested could you email

    Good luck with your goals and Happy New Year!

  5. I'm the same way, love making lists... doesn't mean I'm going to finish everything I start on the list :)

  6. I'm just trying to take care of myslf this year, trying to sort out my stress and get ill less often.

    Urban Decay 24/7 liquid eyeliner doesn't shift on me, even at really sweaty gigs. Can be tricky to get off though.

  7. Hehe, I've been waiting forever to do the same five hundred followers give away! I already have the things I want to give away too. D:

  8. Great resolutions! I really need to find a good eyeliner too. Preferably one that will actually come off when I want it too and stay on otherwise. Please share when you find one. :)

  9. 100 books... that's not a bad resolution. I'm going to try to read 50 books or mangas this year.

    Sorry for the strange language of this comment - English isn't my first language ^^''

  10. Great resolutions, and you manage to post more than I ever do!

    Its pricey and I'm not sure about non UK availability, but Illamasqua's precision ink is bomb proof (and make up remover proof on occasion!). I love it in Havoc, a very dark red. It lasts me ages, but I don't wear it on a daily basis. One of those occasional treats. It does occasionally appear in their sales, and their website has some gorgeous stuff, so worth a look:

  11. PS. The other reason I love Illamasqua is their support for the SOPHIE charity based in the UK. They are a very goth friendly brand, check out the SOPHIE section on their site (under Explore). Sophie Lancaster was an English goth girl beaten to death by teenagers simply for being different. Her mother set up this amazing charity in her name working in schools and youth settings to promote understanding and tolerance amongst young people for those in different subcultures. And if you want to break your heart on the subject, google Bad Pollyanna's Invincible Girl song. I saw them live in November and there wasn't a dry eye in the place.

    I'll stop proselytising now!

  12. I highly recommend maybelline liquid eyeliner. It applies easily and has a great felt pen type applicator tip. On me it lasts the whole day and doesn't smudge, run or wear but I do wear it on top of foundation and primer which potentially helps the lifespan. Love your blog btw :D