Saturday, November 16, 2013

Style Inspiration... The Wiggles?

Way back (in October) I posted a list of 25 Goth Posts I'd Read In a Heart Beat, which was a not-so-serious list of suggestions for blog posts. Well, I'd nearly forgotten about that post until a reader send me this link to a Polyvore collection based on #25 - Style Inspiration: The Wiggles.


"Goth Fashion Inspiration: The Wiggles" Purple

"Goth Fashion Inspiration: The Wiggles" Blue

"Goth Fashion Inspiration: The Wiggles" Red

"Goth Fashion Inspiration: The Wiggles" Yellow

Thank you for sending these to me! They certainly gave me a good chuckle. (And I'm not even a little bit ashamed to say that, with some tweaking, I might wear these.)

Now, tell me, what are the weirdest sorts of Goth style inspiration you can think of?


  1. These are great! Also, I have the skeleton socks in the last pic, and I LOVE them!!!

    1. Oh, I'm jealous! I love those!

    2. I got mine from, and I've also seen them on Check them out! ;-)

  2. I adore these. Hilarious!

  3. lol i love these...and i would totally wear all of these. weirdest inspiration: i'm going with superbowl goth. big game hunter goth. fisherman goth.

  4. weird goth fashion inspirations:
    1. Marilyn Monroe
    2.Betty Boop
    3.James Bond
    4.Jack Sparrow, form movie pirates of the carribean

    please make a blog post about this!!!

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