Saturday, November 2, 2013

Gothy Sweater Looks

 I have to say, I never really was big on sweaters until I went to college in New England. Here, everyone wears sweaters. Sweaters with jeans, sweaters with skirts, sweaters with slacks and, yes, sweaters with leggings. And after shivering in my thinner cover-ups, it's hard not to crave a big cozy sweater to cuddle up in (while studying, of course...) But, anyway, I thought I'd show a few pretty Goth looks with sweaters of varying kinds.

First is your basic spooky sweater with shorts and layered tights, a perfect low-key outfit for a lazy day. With ghosts, of course, just so we don't all go through Halloween withdrawal.


I like this look because it looks reminds me of a goth-y version of a look one of my professors might wear while running into class 5-10 minutes late and telling us stories about how hectic her morning has been. Still somewhat sophisticated, but cute and casual and completed by a Joy Division mug. What else could you want?


This one is another lazy sweater look, this time with leggings. I'm totally on board with the recent spike in popularity of clothing with skeleton prints and ouija boards, so this features both. Call me trendy, but they're just so cute and have been especially appropriate for the season. 


This set I wanted to make something with a little more edge, which I didn't know if I could pull off because sweaters...edgy? Really? They're just so cozy! But I like this look, I imagine it being worn by a Goth with fantastic hair freezing their butt off on a street corner while waiting for the bus to go do Gothy things. Like hanging out in a cemetery. Or picking up a Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

Cozy Goth

This last look uses a sweater dress, a fantastic invention which many designers seem to get horribly wrong. Seriously, you'd think it wouldn't be hard, but they all are weirdly long, lumpy, or have very dropped waists. But I liked this one, if you look closely the knit of the dress has a cool waist design that reminds me of a long-line corset.


Do you all wear sweaters? How do you pair yours with your Goth wardrobe?


  1. These are awesome. I LOVE the g-g-ghooooooost one. I need more ghostly things! for the office, I'm doing the shapeless black sweater thing with leggings and platforms.

  2. Black sweaters are a major staple for me as soon as it drops into the 50s or 60s. I wear them with pretty much everything =D. They basically replace/supplement the black t-shirts and mesh shirts I wear in the summer. I especially like turtlenecks.

  3. Thank you for doing this post!! It is helpful & informative :) I don't like sweaters though, but I like creepers, tights and accessories :D


  4. Augh I have no money to spare! Stop making me want to buy all these lovely things! ^^"

  5. No sweaters for me, yet... I shall gaze longingly upon these clothing sets and dream of both not having a pregnant belly to fit into clothing AND cool weather!

  6. Oh my, I love that ghost sweater! :D So cute!

  7. I love that you did Polyvore outfits with so many different sweaters! It can be hard to make a sweater look edgy and flattering but you've shown that it's totally possible. And leave it to Alexander McQueen to come up with the perfect, PERFECT sweater dress. Too bad it's waaaaaay outside of the budget of anyone, anywhere!! lol. But it's nice to drool at.

  8. The jack-o-lantern face sweater is my favorite!

    Amen Fashion †

  9. Yay for black jumpers/sweaters! :3 They're my favourite things to wear as I live in Scotland, and I love all of your outfits here. I actually posted about the ghost jumper a few days ago on my own blog and Tumblr, so I must say you have good taste! ^_^'

  10. I love that sweater dress that looks like a long-line corset!