Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice...2?

Many dark and spooky corners of the internet are buzzing about this, but I couldn't resist posting about it here. Yes, it seems that the beloved cult film Beetlejuice might be getting a sequel directed by Tim Burton himself. Of course, everyone is reacting to this news differently, but I thought I'd throw my two cents in.

Now, I'll be frank, Beetlejuice is not my favorite movie, and I've never seen the old cartoon (minus ten goth points...) so my opinion is certainly a bit different than die-hard Beetlejuice fans. I liked the atmosphere of the movie, but I can't get behind the weird ham-handed way Lydia's suicidal impulses were handled and how no one talks about how Beetlejuice himself sexually harasses more than one character and is overall just gross.

So, I didn't like the original. Ah well. Maybe the sequel will make up for it.

Though details about the movie are hazy, according to the New York Daily News it appears that the script will be handled by Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter script-writer Seth Grahame-Smith, which is a movie I never saw but have heard constantly described as "an experience." Original Beeltejuice actor Michael Keaton is also expected to reprise the role, according to Rolling Stone, but I can't find a concrete source for that.

But, I'm intrigued. What can the sequel possibly do to further the plot? And why is the sequel being done now rather than, I don't know, in the eighties? Will Tim Burton redeem himself in light of the recent disappointments of Alice in Wonderland and other recent films?

My hope for the movie is that it takes the figure of Beetlejuice, someone with style so iconic that he's more associated with wide black-and-white stripes than anything else, and makes use of him in other situations. He could be funny in the twenty-first century, right? Really, though, my main concern is the over-reliance on green screen technology that dwarfed any attempts at plot and character development in Alice in Wonderland... but who knows?

Now, to diffuse the mood before I start grumbling on the over-reliance of sequels and reboots in mainstream Hollywood, my favorite scene from the original Beetlejuice:

What do you all think about Beetlejuice 2?


  1. I wasn't a big fan of the movie, either (I also thought B was just gross, although some of his lines were truly funny) so a new movie will be... interesting, to say the least. I liked the cartoon MUCH better (10 Goth Points for me!). ;-)

  2. I'll be honest - I'm a huge fan of Beetlejuice. Mostly because I really admire the acting talent of Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder was just adorable as Lydia, and the our favorite ghostly couple, the Maitlands, were hilariously predictable. That said, I'm not sure how I feel about a sequel NOW. There were plans for one way back in the day and it fell through.

    I always felt like the cartoon was enough of a sequel/spin-off and that all of that should stand on it's own. But I am really curious to see if Burton would return to his roots and old style of directing or if this will become a flop just like the remake of Dark Shadows.

  3. I LOVED the first one. I actually have that entire movie memorized--that's how many times I watched it when I was growing up. But i'm really, really not looking forward to Burton pissing on his legacy yet again. seriously, he hasn't done a good movie in forever. he's going to ruin this...

  4. i agree with the most you've written. Beetlejuice's grossines and Lydias depression is awful. i enjoyed watching the movie, but i won't watch it again. Although, a Beetlejuice 2 would be really interesting to see. The atmosphere in Burtons movies has changed pretty much since the 80's, and many people consider him to just've had a down period, so i also wonder if he'll go back to the 80's style or if it will look more like Dark Shadows or Sleepy Hollow. He hasen't done many seqel's either. So anyway, it will be interesting to see. maybe he can win back some faith from everyone that hates him after Dark Shadows, or he'll just make a flop.

  5. Honestly, I've never seen the cartoon either! I'm glad that I was not the only one! But I liked most of the movie, besides Beetlejuice himself.

    I'm a bit afraid of sequels and how well they manage to fit the theme, aesthetic and acting quality of their predecessor. I really agree with your criticism against over-reliance on green technology (Alice was such a flop for me!). But here it's hoping!