Wednesday, August 14, 2013

9 Pinterest Boards I'm Loving Lately

For the uninitiated, Pinterest is an online community of image-sharing and collecting that has been consuming my life lately. Like Tumblr, I use it for inspiration, but unlike Tumblr, Pinterest is super easy to organize your interests. While parts of Pinterest are mainly monopolized by the young-mother and hipster DIY demographic, that's no reason for Goths to stay away from it all together. I started using it as an excuse to plan my future house, so I have boards dedicated to my future Elegant Gothic Dining Room and Curious Pseudo-Steampunk study among other rooms, but I've branched out and now have boards dedicated to everything from My Goth Fashion Inspiration and Gothable DIY crafts to Pictures of Goths and Food & Recipes. But where do I get my pins from? Here are some Pinterest boards for Goths that I've been loving lately.

Dark Goth Girls by Jet

Jet, creator and owner of Vampire Freaks, runs a board called Dark Goth Girls which has over 1,000 pictures of Goth girls. Dressed up and dressed down, this is a great board to follow if you want to see some great outfit, make up, hair, and attitude inspiration from some gorgeous Goth girls.

Everyday is Halloween

Kristin Magnuson, owner and artist of Blood Flowers Jewelry, runs Everyday is Halloween, a board of Goth Home Inspiration. Many of her pins are images of Halloween products that could be used year-round, and they range from just inspiration to DIY tutorials and even some Halloween-inspired eats.

Music For the Soul(less)

Celeste Smith, blogger at Halloween Culture, runs a board called Music for the Soulless which has tons of pictures of Goth music idols, from Patricia Morrison to Nick Cave and more. Great if you're the type of person that laments that the Goth tag on Tumblr has approximately zero posts about actual Goth bands in it.

Little Cabinet of Oddities

This board, curated by Bloody Emeralds, is a collection of all things weird. From natural oddities to weird odd pieces and pieces of creepy (and beautiful) history, this board has a bit of everything. Fair warning: some of this stuff is not for the faint of heart!

The Curious World of Tim Burton

Vasia runs this board which is a tribute to Tim Burton, with dashes of Helena Bonham Carter an Johnny Depp thrown in for good measure. Not only are there pictures of the man himself, but also pictures of his works new and old and pictures of projects that have been inspired from him (oh, the Nightmare Before Christmas wedding cakes. Be still my heart.)


Cemetery is a board run my Donna which posts pictures related to cemeteries. Not only are there the usual pictures of headstones, however, there are also pictures of embalming equipment, mourning jewelry, and other aspects of mourning culture.


Bats is a board by Laurie which is dedicated to every goth's favorite flying mammal. This board is heavy on bats as decorative and aesthetic elements, but there are some pictures of live-action cuties scattered throughout.

Victorian Mourning 

Victoriana Lady, author of International Steampunk Fashions, curates this board which showcases a lot of Victorian mourning customs. This board goes beyond just the dresses (though the dresses are great) to cover letters, gravestones, and other aspects of mourning custom.


Ugh, who doesn't love a good corset? This board by Cora Harrington, founder and lead editor of The Lingerie Addict, covers corsets in all their forms. From pin-up and cosplay to Goth and wedding, there are tons of beautiful pictures and links for perusal.

Are you guys on Pinterest? What have you been pinning lately?


  1. The only thing I don't like about Jet's board is that he pins a lot of stuff that he mislabels frequently. That and he seems obsessed with different Goth subgenres.

    Personally, I get a little annoyed when I see Visual Kei, Fairy Kei, and other various Harajuku styles randomly titled "Pastel Goth" or some shit.

  2. Thanj you for this article. It is so valuable!

    I like Pinterest becauseyiu can find anything. I like to post posters and illustrations, not always goth but certainly dark!

  3. I love pinterest. It lets me shop without spending anything. I've nearly finished decorating the house I don't own. I have a beautiful collection of artwork on my invisible walls. I even have a few receipes to use in the kitchen I never enter. (Seriously, I can cook so that I don't starve, but no one wants me to make Thanksgiving dinner...)

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I like Pinterest but it does have a lack of gothiness. Thanks for helping me darken up my boards!

  5. Wow, these are really good. There goes several hours I should be spending on work...

  6. I'm on Pinterest! You should checkout my Antique Gothic board.