Saturday, July 20, 2013

Michael's !HALLOWEEN! Haul

Are you guys missing Halloween as much as I am? It feels like autumn is years away, but lo and behold! I went to Michael's today with my mother and they had Halloween stuff! That means the season is here! YES! So, trying to restrain myself from buying up the whole shop, I managed to spend just under $4 (after a 25% off coupon. Ch'yeah) and here's what I found:

This little coffin, made out of a balsawood-like material, would make a cute jewelry box once I give it a paint job. But the question is, what to paint on it?

Last year they had slightly larger coffins and I painted it all black. This one doesn't have those horizontal bar things, so I think I want to do black and white stripes, and maybe add a cameo from one of my often-unused necklaces. 

The inside of the other coffin is black and white flocked damask scrapbook paper, so maybe this time I'll do red flocked or something else? I don't know.

The coffin was only 99 cents (before coupon), by the way, so you could buy a bunch to paint it up in all matter of ways. 

These little wood shapes are very cute, and were 29 cents each. I know, right? The other shapes included witches and skulls, but these were my favorites. They need a coat of paint but there are endless possibilities. Don't believe me? Bane of GIY: Goth it Yourself used very similar ones in her Stripey, Batty Chest of Drawers.

Next, in the clearance isle I found these oval plaque things. They're made of a plaster like material, but they  would make cute plaques of some kind. These were $1 each and there were a lot of different shapes, but I preferred these.

So, I figured that I would use the little shapes on the plaques. Cute, right? They still need a paint job, though. I'm thinking grey for the tombstone and bat, black and white stripes for the plaques, and maybe some fancy calligraphy in paint pen to make them name plates. Maybe my new roommate next year would appreciate one (hehe.)

And I can even use ribbon from my Michael's haul last year, which I still have a lot of.

But then that leaves the question of what to do with the other shapes. I could make cute and corny brooches, or use them to spruce up my school supplies for the coming school year. Oh the possibilities...

So, that concludes my haul for this year, but I'm super excited to get back to the store with more than a $5 on me and buy some things. Have you guys found anything super great in stores yet? If so, what? 

Oh, and P.S., not done listening to me discuss Fatphobia in Goth? I'm a part of Sary Walrus' Plus-size Fashion, Privilege and The Scene With Alt Bloggers series, and my interview went up today! Go check it out! (She called me renowned, shucks.)


  1. Those are so cute!! I wish we had stores that sold those kind of things.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I'll be making a trip to Micheal's my to-do for this week! :D

    I think making them brooches is a cute idea, also what about perhaps using them as a decal of sorts on a head band? Or maybe even getting a pair of black flip-flops and gluing those on them with a bow behind them for added detail?

    Have a great rest of the weekend. :)

  3. The small coffins are very cute !

  4. WHOOP! The Halloween season is beginning!

    Regrettably the UK starts Halloween a little later than the US, I think; I went into TK Maxx the other day and asked my mother if she thought they'd have Halloween stuff in. Wishful thinking. Stull, I'll need to keep an eye on the high street and especially the craft shops.

  5. here we don't celebrate halloween, we have the carnival, but that's in February. Many months away..

    and what about a hippy coffin? with flowers all over? sounds really funny to me. bet it 'll strike out

  6. Just been reading the Q&A on the blog link - have you checked out Hellbunny? Not sure how readily available it is across the pond but it does goth / rockabilly / pin up chic and in small to XXXL (depending on stockists). They have a sister brand, Spin Doctor, that doesn some beautiful victoriana / steam punk but sadly not so much in the larger sizes. The overarching brand, Pop Soda, is very happy to listen to customer feedback and has increased sizes as a result, plus has fan galleries with real and beautiful women of all shapes and sizes (as does SD). You can find them on FB here :
    And Spin Doctor here:

    You may also want to check out some of the photo galleries from the Whitby Goth Weekends (just goggle image it, and you'll be bombarded). There are some wicked styles going on, and WGW is basically a utopia to anyone who doesn't fit the 'desired' aesthetic.

  7. D'oh! should have found your search function sooner. You blogged HB in June.

    *sends self to corner with dunce's hat on*

  8. Yay! I need to go to Michael's today! Do they just have a few things or do they have the home decor up? :D

  9. Those items look wonderful :3 I really do wish they had some more halloween themed decorations around here. It's just the usual fake black roses and skulls and bats (all usually in poor quality and yet they're incredibly overpriced).

  10. Got back from Michael's! I got two coffin boxes, mini coffins from the Spook Town village, and a resin skeleton hand. I also got black and grey damask paper and burgundy suede paper to line the coffins. :)

    There were also coffin boxes with the horizontal bars but these made a spooky noise when opened. Very cute but I sense will get old very fast. :/