Wednesday, July 10, 2013

9 Goth-appropriate Netflix Picks

Continuing in my epic quest to find something to do with my summer, I've been watching a lot of Netflix. It's nice to have something in the background while writing blog posts or reading books, and it's become somewhat of a pass-time of mine to read through the titles and try to surprise myself by watching something new...but I keep falling back on old favorites. Oops. Today's post is a list of nine shows and movies currently available on U.S. Netflix that I think Goths would absolutely love.


First up on my list is Ruby Gloom, a cute and quirky animate television series about Ruby, a cheerful Babybat who lives in a Gothic mansion. If that isn't sweet enough, she named her cat Doom Kitty. Group bawwwing may now commence. I don't know about the rest of you but I find this kind of cute but spooky television show very endearing, and it makes me wish I'd been watching them when I was growing up.


Tim Burton's magnum-opus (is that a controversial opinion? I've just found his more recent works disappointing), this movie is about Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, satiating his ennui by deciding he's going to take over Christmas. This movie was released the year before I was born and I remember it coming down from the attic in the Halloween decoration box every autumn to be watched again and again and again (and then I stole it from the box and watched it year-round.) Now it's available on Netflix so I can give that tired old VHS a rest.


The only real horror on this list, American Horror Story is a curious television show that follows a creepy, sometimes down-right terrifying plot each season. The first season, Murder House, surrounds a family moving into a house only to be haunted by the houses former occupants and a weird Southern lady. The second, Asylum, takes place in 1964, and documents the goings on in a mental institution. The third season, which will air later this year, is called Coven, but I don't know much else about it. 

Be warned: this series is SCARY and takes no prisoners. Trigger warnings for: blood, mutilation, body horror, jump scares, flashing lights, scary faces, murder, self-harm, suicide, school shooting, hospitals, abuse, gore, rape, sexual abuse, etc. etc. etc.


If you're wondering where all those gifs on your Tumblr dashboard came from, chances are they originated with this classic movie. The Addams family are back with a new baby in tow and a crafty, sassy love interest for Uncle Fester. It's my favorite Addams Family interpretation, however much I enjoyed watching the show, especially for Wednesday and Gomez.


I had intended to watch this movie when it came out because I thought it was great that we were getting an influx of spooky movies, but I didn't get around to it until last week. The movie stars Norman, an oddball kid who eventually has to save his town from the zombie outbreak (and not with a shot gun!) It's a very cute movie, and it's PG if you have a Babybat around you need to distract for an hour and a half.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a nineties show circulating around Buffy Summers who, surprisingly enough, is chosen to be the Slayer, an age-old tradition of kick-ass women who fight vampires, demons, and all things ick. But, Buffy is also a teenager in the nineties, and her unique sassy personality shines through in every episode. Besides, there's a hot British Billy-Idol lookalike vampire named Spike. What more could you ask for?


This Addams Family rival is a silly, fun show starring the Munster family, Lily, Herman, Grandpa Dracula, Eddie (a werewolf) and Marilyn, their normal-looking niece. It definitely takes after the family sit-com trend of the 1960's but is shaken up in a very spooky way. It's got a great kooky sense of humor and a house to die for. There are currently two seasons available. 


Oddities is a reality television show about the antique & oddities shop Obscura, base in New York City. Owners Evan and Mike, and buyer Ryan, buy and sell unique piece of history sure to surprise, amuse, and horrify. But what's really amazing here are the customers, who sometimes come in with requests or to show off their bizarre talents (ever seen a guy shoot kernels of corn out of his tear ducts?) There are two seasons on Netflix, and you might see someone you know! (Cabaret performer Voltaire makes an appearance, among others!)


Bela Lugosi stars in this 1931 interpretation of Bram Stoker's famous novel Dracula. This is a classic early-horror hit that gave inspiration for Bauhaus' iconic song Bela Lugosi's Dead. The movie is 74 minutes of classic black and white horror, a must-see for spooky types.

What movies and shows are you guys currently interested in? Anything on Netflix?



    MollyBoo and I watch "Ruby Gloom" on the regular, and "Nightmare Before Christmas" is her favorite movie of all time.

    But. Munsters. Goodbye must watch.

  2. Great picks! I've been meaning to start watching American Horror Story... I've seen all the rest, of course. Although I will always be upset that Netflix took The Addams Family (t.v. show) off instant. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is also on Netflix instant.

  3. I HAD NO IDEA RUBY GLOOM WAS ON NETFLIX DAMNIT. Great. Just when I don't have any money...

    ...I didn't think the first season of American Horror Story was scary. That was all I saw before getting tired and seriously bored of it. Oh, man, that was just...disappointing. Not a single nightmare or hint of fright in my chest. Unlike what a simple hour of researching Slenderman does...


  4. I've seen all of these except Oddities which I've been meaning to check out! Too bad Netflix isn't available in my country. Woe is me.

  5. Great to find out that there are more people on this planet watching the same stuff than I do!
    Thumbs up for your choice on movies and tv shows :-)

  6. I'm from the UK, and we recently had a fab series called The Fades on the BBC, but sadly it got binned after 1 season. Its genuinely creepy and original, so if it shows on BBC America, worth catching. As is Being Human, which I think has a US version now? Can't beat Mitchell in seasons 1-3 as the hot vampire totty, but Hal in seasons 4-5 is rather cute.

    Again, not sure if its available in the US but the League of Gentlemen /Psychoville series are deeply, darkly funny (though probably a very British humour).

    Mind, in US drama I'm loving Hannibal. Some very inventive deaths! And Buffy remains my favourite TV show ever.

  7. Ruby Gloom looks so cute! I want to see an episode :D

  8. Ruby Gloom and the Munsters! Two of my favorites. <3

  9. I think I'm going to check out American Horror Story and The Munsters :3

  10. I love Ruby Gloom!! whenever I'm babysitting I let the kids watch it and it occupies them long enough for meto get things done around the house.I also wanted to suggest "The Devil's Carnival" as a top netflix pick..its a great movie to watch with friends!

  11. Have you tried "hemlock grove"? And I agree with chastity "The devils carnival" is great. "Masterpiece classic :great expectations" was good to. "Warehouse 13" has a steampunk vibe to it. Oh they have "caspers scare school." It's a cute kids show. Though I like ruby gloom better. "The labyrinth" is good and "This must be the place stars" Sean penn. they also have "James and the giant peach" also the 2012 movie "the raven" is good. They have "the twilight zone" and "charmed"is good as well. Also they have "angel" wich spins off Buffy. The show "Lost girl" I envy some of the wardrobe on that show.

  12. Dark shadows is on Netflix as well just not all the episodes. But retro cafe .com has the entire series from the begining. And the user anabrans on youtube has the entire Addams faimly series. Hmm I've seen full episodes of the new Addams faimly tv show on youtube. Oh and full episodes of beetleguese are on youtube as well.

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  14. About as goth as my chemical romance.

  15. What's sitting in my entertainment center now is proof positive that we've reached an age where even stupid people can be dangerous with to get american netflix