Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Summer Style Resolutions

And, just like that, it's officially summer. Not that I wasn't expecting it, Baltimore has been getting plenty of ninety-degree days recently, and I've been cranking up the air conditioning for a month now. But now it's officially summer, and my whining about the heat is more justified. To keep my mind off the impending heat wave and sunny onslaught, here are some of my summer style resolutions.

1. Paint My Nails More

Readers, I'm going to be candid, I can't keep nail polish on my nails for longer than fifteen minutes. I've tried every solution Pinterest could offer me, from not. touching. ANYTHING! for an hour after I've finished my manicure to quick-dry top coats and submerging my nails in water right after painting. Nada. And I've tried more than my fair share of top coats and base coats and polishes, in my humble (and very miserly) opinion. It always chips and smudges, and then I get frustrated and take it all off my fingers. More and more my nail polish has been regulated to my toes or craft projects, and my fingernails stay sadly bare. Well, I'm sick of it, and I figure the only way to find out how to keep the polish on my nails is to keep trying, so now I'm black polish hunting. (If you have a recommendation, drop it in the comments, won't you?)

2. Dress up and Take Outfit Shots

My wardrobe has experienced more input recently than it has in some time (thank you, local thrift store) and it's making for an interesting pool from which to pick outfits from. Still, it's hard to motivate myself to get up and dressed when my obligations are all taken care of over the phone or computer, and I spend most of the day in a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt. Still, if I'm going to be true to this "I dress for ME!" thing, I really don't have much of an excuse to neglect getting dressed, and taking outfit shots just sounds like more fun anyway. (And will probably be much easier, as I'm hoping to purchase a tripod soon.)

3. Find Fishnets

Admittedly this won't be a huge challenge, but it's certainly a departure from my usual forms of leg-wear. Unfortunately, my standard array of plain black tights won't do during the hottest time of the year, and yet my legs feel bare when they're, well, bare. Fortunately, in my head fishnets pair wonderfully with my fluffy skirts and with my growing collection of pencil skirts, and they breathe wonderfully in the heat. I think I'll be sticking with basic black, tight-weave fishnets for now, but maybe I can find some in red as well. And they'd look so good layered.

4. Style My Hair Differently

After I cut my hair, I lost my ability to style it in all of those awesome historical hairstyles I've blogged about previously. Though it's much lighter now, I still prefer to keep it off of my neck, which means finding cute hairstyles beyond the basic bun or ponytail for medium-length hair. Oy. If only those didn't require a gallon of hairspray and an undercut wasn't calling my name. Or any haircut, actually, because layers might help change things up a bit (and I'm debating changing up my bangs to boot.) For the now it's back to the drawing board, or embracing pinterest for it's multitude of wonderful boards on hairstyles.

5. More t-shirts.

Yes, more. I reach for t-shirts more and more nowadays, even with the wonderful blue blouse I found thrifting the other day. So, to avoid feeling like I'm wearing the same ones, I've been looking for more of them. Hopefully my favorite stores will be having some sales, or someone out there starts making cute black t-shirts with white or gray spooky designs on them. Preferably v-neck and babydoll cut, but I'll take what I can get. On that note, I've been practicing nipping in the waists of my t-shirts to prevent them from being tent-like, and you should look for the results in a future post.

Are you guys planning any summer style changes? If so, what?

Oh, and p.s. You can now buy an art print of one of my more popular Tumblr posts from Evil Supply Company for $5. Isn't it pretty?


  1. Try Sinful Colors polish in Secret Admirer. It's black with tiny silver flecks (NOT big chunks of glitter), and I find it actually difficult to remove, even with polish remover, so perhaps it will stay on your nails longer!

  2. It's not the easiest to apply, but a bit of superglue on the nails makes the color last for weeks without chipping. Mixing it in to a bit of topcoat helps.

  3. Yeah, I like Sinful Colors, their quality is really good for the price.

    1. Also, I loved that post! I didn't know you came up with it, that's awesome.

  4. I'm terribly hard on polish too, so in the summer I go to the nail salon and get a shellac polish done. You know, the one where you have to bake your nails under that little UV light for 45 seconds? It costs $10 and I only have to go once every three weeks - and only because it starts to grow out at the nail bed; the ends are as good as the day it was applied! And my nails take a beating - with painting and gardening and being used as little screwdrivers!

    The only downside is, it doesn't come off with regular polish remover so you do have to get the salon to remove it. But since I usually stop right after Hallowe'en and leave the nails bare for the winter, it's not too big of an outlay of cash. :o)

  5. about summer style changes, i must find shorts, skirts, sleveless blouses, sandals and dresses. in the previous summers I used to wear trousers, sneakers and T-shirts, but I can't stand the heat anymore and I' d like to get dressed more like a woman, not like a boy.

  6. Hmm, I should probably think about my own style resolutions for summer! Excellent post - I'll be following keenly to see what you decide to do about nail polish, as I have exactly the same problem (although I'm too lazy to correct the smudges and chips).

  7. Try Wet n Wild Black Creme Polish (from Walmart). I have the same polish problem and this works pretty well for me.
    Target sells a good fishnet- I can't find it online, but I bought a pair locally last week, so they should still be in. They're soft, strong, and have a smaller weave.
    Have you tried a french braid or french braid tuck? They work pretty well with my medium length, layered hair.

  8. You could try Rimmel. They have a black nailpolish called 'black pearl' and it's black with some sparkles, but nothing too fancy. It's afforable and it stays good for at least half a week.