Saturday, June 8, 2013

Guest Post: Lady's Summer Wear

Well! It’s that time again.

The time when it’s almost impossible to wear countless layers of clothes without feeling like your skin is literally melting underneath. And not the good type of melting like when you’re at a heavy metal gig, we mean literally melting off your bones and yes we know bones are cool but this is not a good look!

Now showing off a bit of flesh is something that most people look forward to when the warm weather sets in. But for darklings like yourself who live in layers of dark leather and other thick materials, the sun can be quite the burden and telling your friends you’re a vampire having to completely avoid the sun will only work for a few days…so it’s time to loose those layers!

You don’t have to lose the black and replace it with pink stuff with frills. You can still keep your image without paying the price of a sweaty back and forehead. It’s easily done and this article is going to show you how to do it!

First, dresses Now wait! I seen you recoil and hiss at your screen but let me finish…it’s easy to find gothic dresses in a 50’s style that show hardly any leg and only a little bit of cleavage and you didn’t go through the pain of getting those sleeves to hide them away for the rest of your life did you? Didn’t think so!

Most gothic dresses you’ll find will be a mixture of black, red, dark purple and green. Take this Hell Bunny dress for example,

This dress shows literally no cleavage, is still a lovely length so you don’t feel like you’re hanging out all over the place and the blood red lips look tattootastic?
Black alternative summer wear is out there for you to find! Most of them will be in a similar style with maybe some checkered patterns and some bows but not enough to make you want to vomit. 

And if you simply cannot bring yourself to wear a dress, you will still have to conform a little to the rules of summer! I know. I’m sorry and if I could find a way to make your thick tights and heavy jumpers heatproof then I would! But unfortunately, you’ll have to make the change for a few months!

Most shops will sell dark colored shorts and t-shirts and you’ll be pleased to know that you can still wear your fishnets and chainmail as long as you promise not to wear a lot of it! A lot of these clothes you will be able to find on  

And who knows? Maybe you’ll like the change…. or maybe it’ll have you running to buy an extra pair of new rocks to make up for it…

Mary's note: Thank you to the folks at Gothic Angel Clothing for this post! I love hearing about trends and style from people on the other side of the consumer fence, as it were. :)


  1. I get 75% of my clothing from charity shops and have found blouses,shirts,skirts and dresses at them which are almost exactly like the ones found at 'goth' shops online. The quality is usually better and I pay under 5GBP for each. So many online shops carry the same merchandise that the only way that you can be an 'individual' in the subculture is by going to charity shops or going to the clearance racks of regular shops and being able to pick out pieces that will fit into you wardrobe. Just my two cents. Oh, and I find it funny that people follow trends in a subculture, always have.

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