Saturday, April 27, 2013

9 Quick Ways to Make Your Life More Goth-y

I can't be the only one who has days when I just don't feel Goth at all. It's not that I don't want to be a Goth, it's just that everything I do seems so mundane and un-spooky. So, to combat that I made a list of nine extremely quick, and fun ways to add some Goth to your life. Some of these you may have already done, but I hope you find some you never thought to do before.

  1. Change your phone's ring tone to something more Goth-appropriate, either by using a Goth song or crows cawing or thunder rolling or a bell tolling or the Addam's family theme or anything else suitably spooky. Whatever works for you.
  2. Decorate your school or office or supplies. I've been meaning to do a post on this, and trust me I will get to it, but honestly most people use these supplies so often that you will come to appreciate having them personalized. 
  3. If you spend a lot of time online, or even a little, change the themes of your internet browser. I use Google Chrome and use the Marlies Dekkers theme, which is black/gray damask. It's certainly a lot more dark and romantic than just a plain white one.
  4. Buy a new album or add some more spooky music to your collection. I'm always surprised at the depth of Goth music there is out there and every time I find more music I feel really spooky. If you need ideas, try websites like What The Fuck Should I listen to Now? or Youtube for suggestions.
  5. Swap out your multi-colored pens for plain black ones. I didn't think this was at all necessary until I realized I couldn't take myself seriously when I was drafting a penpal letter to another Goth in pink sparkly gel-pen borrowed from my sister.
  6. Try having a Goth upkeep day or do little things that make your appearance spookier. Everything feels more gothy when your nails are black or your bangs have been freshly touched up.
  7. Consume more Goth media! I find that when I'm in a rut with my spookiness, looking for more Goth media helps. My favorite way to do this is search for new Goth blogs and read their backlogs of posts, which is also fantastic for generating post ideas for my blog.
  8. Decorate some of your electronic cases. Cellphones, music players, flashdrives, external harddrives, and even personal computers can have cases and those cases are just begging to be personalized. You can do some Gothic deco-den, decoupage with spooky magazine illustrations, cover with stickers, stick on decorative tape, wrap with lace, stick on some decals, stud to your hearts content, or anything else you can imagine. 
  9. Buy or make toiletries with Goth-y scents. Popular spooky smells might be anything from absinthe/anise to cloves to roses to coffee. My personal favorite scent is my bodywash, which smells like black orchid and juniper (from Target, and cheap) and definitely makes me feel like a lady of the night. If you don't know how to go about making toiletries, trust me, the internet provides tons upon tons of DIY options for soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, chapstick, body wash, bath bombs, or anything else you can imagine.
How do you make your life more spooky when you need a boost?


  1. Started out as a comment to you, but turned out as blog post!

  2. What a great idea! I love the tidbit about personalization. :D

  3. Thanks for the tips, I need more darkness! Black toenails during winter totally seem to make sense now! :D

    When in need for some extra, I wear one of my hats, so I have to dress in "superfancy-goth" way, to match the hat. Idea borrowed from P.G. Wodehouse's Eve Halliday.

  4. Drink red grape juice out of a goblet or chalice :)

    1. This is always fun, thought I was the only one who did this to feel spookish.

    2. I bought a dragon and gargoyle chalice for this exact purpose

  5. Putting on a pair of gloves instantly makes me feel more elegant. Regardless if they match my outfit.

    But I love the idea of changing the browser theme and decorating school/office supplies. You use them every day, why not have them be lovely?

  6. Whenever I'm feeling low, I apply more black eyeliner. Somehow, resembling a spooky raccoon makes everything seem a little better. Try it, it works!

  7. I definitely use nr 1 and 2. I also decorate my office calendar in victorian gothic things like old laces, notes and ephemera.

  8. I have the Addams Family theme set as my ringtone and text alert, and now everytime my phone rings I start clicking and singing :P People think I'm crazy but what the heck ;)

  9. I used to have the Beetlejuice theme as my ringtone. I loved it! <3

  10. I use the Harry Potter theme song as my ringtone and have a Ouija board phone case.