Saturday, March 2, 2013

What's In My Bag Version 2.0

What's in your bag? is a question I'm going to assume only really famous people get asked, but I'm going to answer it anyway by bringing it back to my blog. After all, I can't be the only one who likes reading them, right? Maybe I'm just nosey, but at least I'm contributing back to it. I have done one of these before, but I thought the time was right to update you all on what the heck I carry around every day.

But, first, let me show you my bag. I currently use a big, black tote bag from allegiance2none, an e-bay seller, which has a printed bat skeleton on it. Quite the switch up from my little h.Naoto bag that I used previously, but I like the extra room.

I had little pins and badges on it, but they kept falling off so I removed them in favor of one little "SCOTLAND" pin from my time abroad, which is affixed just below one of the straps. Every time I see it I get a little nostalgia rush, which is nice.

But! How about what's actually in my bag? I'll start with the tech-y stuff. I got a new cellphone recently, an LG Reflex which is nice since I had my older phone for over almost four years. Unfortunately I also accidentally soaked it in laundry detergent, so it's kind of on the fritz if you see my meaning. But it works. I also have a little iPod nano and my heaphones, corralled with a binder clip. Lastly, I keep my kindle with me all the time. I use it whenever possible for school because the books are so much cheaper, and sometimes even free. A lot of my leisure books are also on there because I have a penchant for old books which are out of copyright. Heck yeah.

I also keep my Demonia wallet and my set of keys in my bag. The keys were on a spider lanyard, but the longer lanyard strap broke so I just carry the shorter end now. The keychain is also from Scotland, and has the Scottish flag, a silver thistle, and a little lion on it.

Inside my wallet I have a dollar in change for emergency cookie runs and a wooden coin from the Library and Information Technology department which is good for 1 cup of coffee from a local coffee shop (but which I will never use because how often do you get cute little personalized wooden coins? Not often, I'd wager.) I also have membership cards for Sephora and Hot Topic (I know, I know), as well as gift cards to Safeway and Target. I don't think I need them around here, but it feels safer to carry them than to put them somewhere and forget about them. Above those are my student ID and my Maryland State ID, because fuck driving.

Above the wooden coin in that photo is a little pressed pence (same concept as the USA's smashed pennies) from Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland. It's my little good luck charm.

Since I am a full time student, I carry my planner around with me everywhere, as well as a few pens. Very useful. If I'm going to class, I'll toss my notebook into the bag as well.

As for makeup, I keep this decorated mirror from Sephora in my bag, as well as "the Falsies" Volume Mascara from Maybelline and a Juicy Tube in "Dreamsicle" from Lancome. 

I believe, and I thin most people in creative fields will agree, that having a journal on you almost all the time is a great way to keep yourself inspired and avoid that dreaded feeling where you thought you had a great idea but then forgot it. This journal isn't fancy, but it does the trick. I also keep mints around with me and a pair of gloves, an essential in New England winters. Trust me, I forgot them a few times in my dorm, and I will never make that mistake again.

Lastly, since I participate in Project365 over on my Tumblr theeverydayphotographs, I carry my camera around with me everywhere. I also carry a flashdrive for my photos and documents.

And that's it! Well, most of the time. The great thing about having a larger bag is that I'm not married to the contents of it and can add more if I need to. My laptop and chargers sometimes come with me, as do papers and scarves and anything else I might need, but for the most part this is it. I hope you all enjoyed reading! So tell me, what's in your bag?


  1. Oo, I love bag posts too! Your mirror is really wonderful! I love your wallet and gloves too, they're really stylish.

    You're going to regret asking readers about the contents of their bags once I'm done here! I'm one of those annoying people who can't walk out the house without preparing for every possible eventuality and probably a few impossible ones too xD

    My bag is a great big shoulder bag from Sai Sai, black and sort of h. Naoto-esque (cough "inspired" cough) with chains and a cute rhinestone skull attached. Inside I have my wallet from Donna Karan (containing bank card, oyster card, Cafe Nero loyalty card, flat key, change, lots of receipts, student train pass, and lots of used train tickets), a hand fan (it gets so hot on the tube while wearing a monofilament-top wig Dx), chewing gum, a comb, scissors, a small sewing kit, pepper spray, a Hello Kitty mirror, a pack of bobby pins, a pack of safety pins, pens, a Little Twin Stars notebook, sketch pad and pencils, spare jewellery (you never know when something's going to break on the way to a big event), double-sided tape, my glitchy Nokia 610, earphones, a sample of my favourite perfume in case I need to touch up-- "Lady Vengeance" by Juliette Has a Gun (samples are so much more convenient than carrying a full-sized bottle in your bag xD), black and clear nail varnish (good if you accidentally scratch your shoes on your way somewhere too!), antibacterial wipes, plasters, a little packet of tissues, and a makeup bag (containing my foundation, primer, and face colour (all Bare Minerals, I love their makeup! They say you can sleep in it-- I've never tried, but you can definitely work out in it, haha), black eye shadow and eye liner, Portland Lipstick Company lipstick in Blood Red, brush kit, a palette of nude and brown eye shadows, and... the same mascara as you! That's pretty cool!). Oh, and a book, which I must have forgotten to remove from my last long journey: "Inkheart" by Cornelia Funke. And for some reason, a page of Layamon's Brut in Middle English from my university course. There, I told you that I carry a lot around with me. xD