Saturday, January 19, 2013

Goth Dorm Room Redux

So here I am, sitting on the bed in my new dorm room while my roommate is off at an orientation activity, wondering at how time has passed. I've been here now for three days and I've been busy pretty much the whole time. At least I haven't locked myself out yet. But, since I posted about my dorm room at the University of Stirling back in the autumn, I thought I might as well do the same for my dorm room at Mount Holyoke. The big difference is, of course, that I have a roommate this time around, but I tried to not let that affect how I would decorate. I think I succeeded.

Me in front of the Mount Holyoke gates.
Coat by Fan Plus Friend
Tights from Target
Shoes from Nordstrom Rack 
Purse by H.Naoto

But before we get started in my dorm itself, I'll give you a mini tour of campus. Just the pretty bits. Right now, in January, there is a thin sheen of icy snow all over the campus. As the day progresses, big sheets of sliding snow fall off the roofs, but apparently there's more snow to come. This is New England after all.

My first, and favorite, picture is one of the library.

"You are here."

An administrative building.


Snowy campus.

Blue skies and slowly melting snow.

The Founder, Mary Lyon's grave in the center of the campus.

My dorm is on the other side of the lake from central campus. Here you can see the campus from my side.

And this is my dorm, hiding behind those trees. It's an ugly little thing from the sixties, but the advantage of living inside the ugly dorm is that you don't have to look at the ugly dorm. Make sense? Since it's more modern, it also has much bigger windows, which is awesome and lets lots of light in. 

Anyway, to cross to my side you have to go across this little bridge. On one side of the bridge is the lake, but on the other side the lake lets out into two little rivers.

Now, for my room:

My side of the cork board.

We have little cork boards on our doors which we're free to decorate. My side has a container that had Poe tea in it, a Mad Hatter card, two photographs from one of the people at my high school (one of which is me),  a witchy Halloween card from my grandmother, a Twining's label, my name written with a Scottish flag next to it, a Loch Ness postcard, and a Magic: The Gathering card.

Now, the room is divided into two halves. On my side is my bed, my desk, a bookcase, and a closet. On my roommates side is her bed, her desk, a dresser with countertop and mirror, and her closet. We split the bookshelves and the drawers/counterspace. First, though, is my bed:

The comforter was on sale at Walmart in December and the sheets I got at Target in January. The pillows are from my bed at home and the stuffed animals...Well. I couldn't go leaving them behind, now could I?

Just behind my bed is a counter over top of the heater. It has a Poe action figure, a fancy frame with a picture of my Stirling friends on it, my alarm clock, and a jar of coins decorated with the Scottish flag.

The walls are positively covered, as you can see. I have posters, post cards, flags, calendar pages, the bat garland above my bed, and some other things. My lamp came from my grandmother, and I covered it with a lace shawl thing. Here's the rest of the wall, including my Scottish flag (a gift from my classmates at Stirling), "purple' string lights which turned out to be pretty pink, and such. 

And here's some close ups of the wall:

On my bulletin board I put a bunch of smaller things that I wanted to display, train tickets from Scotland and ticket stubs and such. It also holds my keys. 

Next up is the bookshelf area.

Not much is on it right now, since my roommate is international and only had one suitcase to pack. We'll divide it up later when we both get our books and such. On the bottom shelf, though, is a safe, a box of thumb tacks, a travel mug, a watter bottle, two skully plates and Halloween glasses, two sets of cutlery, and an electric water kettle (my pride and joy.) Above that is just my cellphone being plugged in. 

Above that on a shelf is just a few of the books I wanted to bring. I tried not to bring too many so I would be able to keep up with my school work.

On the top of the bookshelf I hung up a rack of six hooks (I bought it at target ages ago) and it hgas my purse, scarves, and towels on it. Next to that is a table runner from Target around Halloween time.

The brown, wood-like thing you see to the left of the table runner is actually the odd accordian-folding door to my closet. And let me tell you about my closet. It's walk in, with two shelves above the rack (I use them to store cleaning supplies, like dish detergent and febreeze and laundry detergent.) It's bigger than my closet at home, which is awesome. I put one of my suitcases in there.

On the opposite wall from the rack I hung a poster from Scotland. 

Back out of my closet, here's my desk. Tumblr going on my laptop, little figurines around my desk, my planner. In those three drawers are housed, from top to bottom, tea, school supplies, and makeup. 

Next up is the dresser, which is across from my roommate's desk. I have five drawers there, which have clothes and such. On top of that are just toiletries and such. I'm so in love with that bottle for q-tips, because it was from the Dollar tree.

Out of my window you can see the lake and the rest of campus through the trees:

So, there's my room. I had a lot of fun decorating it because I didn't want to spend tons of money but I did want to be in a nice space. So, a lot of it is from the sales/clearances or from thrift stores or borrowed from family friends or re-purposed from my room at home. There are some DIYed things thrown in there, too, which is nice. I'm quite pleased and can't wait for classes to begin. 

While I'm at it, I might as well tell you all where else you can find me. I'm now on Pinterest with several interior design boards up (as well as a personal fashion one, and recipes, etc.) and my Twitter is becoming more active. I'm also challenging myself to read a book a week on Goodreads, so feel free to add me there! As always, feel free to contact me with any topics you are interested in hearing me writing about, either in the comments or via an e-mail to Have a nice weekend you all!


  1. I'm on Goodreads too! My roommate and I are terrible about decorating, we stopped caring since we basically only sleep here anyway... It's nice that you made the space your own, I hope you get along with your roommate :)

    1. Thank you! We seem to be getting along pretty well for now, which is nice. :)

  2. That is a kick ass comforter - I wish I'd seen it!

    Also, why did you switch schools? Maybe I missed that in a previous post. ^^

    1. I didn't exactly switch schools, Mount Holyoke admitted me as a "spring entrant" so I had to find something to do with my fall semester. I decided to study abroad in Scotland and chose Stirling, but it was always in the plan to come to Mount Holyoke. :)

  3. What a fantastic campus - especially the library! And like Kelsey I've probably missed this, but how long will you be there?

    1. I'll be here this entire semester, until May, and then I'll be coming back for the next three years to finish my degree. Just like a normal college student. :)

  4. Oh my, that is the most beautiful campus I have ever seen! You are indeed lucky to live in the ugly building, your view is amazing!
    I wish my uni looked like this. I study in Cologne and we don't really have a typical campus, the uni buildings are in different parts of the city. We also don't have real dorm rooms, most students get a flat or live at home.
    Our uni building are ugly as shit, most of them are from the 60s... I should do a uni post on my blog, this post really inspired me :)

  5. Wow, your campus is pretty. Most of Dundee campus is very new and modern, which I don't mind, but nothing makes my heart flutter like stonework. My dorm, however, now has bats fluttering about on the ceiling, which I am quite pleased about.

  6. Oh! I love Mount Holyoke. I went to UMass a few years back and I just love the area. There's so many nice places in town that I'm sure you'll love. I'm moving back there one day. And yeah, there should be snow coming soon. Bundle up xD

  7. So much snow! I'm jealous ^^ It's gorgeous. The campus looks great!
    Also, I've nominated you for an award :)


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