Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Blog is Undead Undead Undead

Readers, I beg your forgiveness on two accounts. The first of which being the horribly cliched Bauhaus reference in the title of this post. The second,of course, being my long, unannounced absence from this blog. End of the year exams, an unexpected new romance, the end of my study abroad experience, moving back to the United States, Christmas and now preparations for the New Year all kind of hit me at once, and that's not exactly a great mix for blog posts of any kind of substance.

However, I'm all settled at home for now and am writing up a storm of posts for this blog so that the same thing doesn't happen when I go to Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts for the spring semester. Once the new year comes around, you'll be hit with a slurry of posts on fashion, the subculture, art, and history, with a sprinkling of reviews and recipies for good measure. But! If you have any ideas for posts you want me to consider, feel free to drop me a line in the comment box below or write me an e-mail at

Thanks guys,

-Mary Rose

P.S. - My extraordinarily generous aunt gifted me her old Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT camera for Christmas, so look out for more and better photographs in future posts!