Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Clothing Challenge, 1-5

Hello readers, I hope you're having a pleasant time of it. This past week was my mid-semester break at University, and I spent it traveling around the highlands with my dad. Unfortunately, this left me rather exhausted and unfit to write a proper post, so I decided to participate in the 30 Day Clothing Challenge. However, as I did with the 30 Day Goth Challenge, I will be chunking up the posts in groups of five and spacing them out whenever I feel less than inclined to write a proper article (it happens to the best of us, right? Right.) So, for now, I present to you the 30 Day Clothing Challenge, numbers one through five.

1. Your closet.

Since I'm in my dorm room, I don't have a picture of my "proper" closet at home...but I do have pictures of my closet here! The outside of it is this dark wood and it has a notice about fire safety on it...but I found it so boring. To remedy this, I cut out bats from dotted scrapbook paper and put them in a "flock" on my door. Yay! 

Inside of it I keep my actual clothing and, if you sneak a peak on the top shelf, my food as well. I didn't bring much clothing to Scotland, about five skirts, three pairs of pajama pants, eight tops, two jackets, and lots of pairs of tights, but I've been getting on just fine. Yay!

2. Your favorite shirt.

My favorite shirt is one from Fanplusfriend which I altered very recently to make more "me." The original shirt up on the website here has a kind of frilled collar to it, which was less-than flattering, so I removed it and kept the lower, straight part of the collar. The shirt has a lovely fit to it and is very comfortable, a rarity with this kind of blouse. Though you can't see it in the provided picture, it also has a kind of tail at the back, which is adorable. 

3. A piece of clothing or jewelry that was a gift.

This necklace was a present from my mother a few years ago and I adore it to pieces. It's by Alchemy Gothic and has a nice weight to it, plus the red moon has such depth. This is my go-to necklace whenever I need something somewhat fancier. Or just if I'm wearing red.

4. A shirt that you haven't worn yet.

Well, I don't have a shirt that I have not worn yet. At least, not here anyway, though I don't think I have one at home either. I tend to wear things fairly quickly. 

5. Your favorite pair of jeans.
Unfortunately, I don't have a favorite pair of jeans because I don't own or wear jeans.

Bonus picture: Have a picture of me this week in a ruined 13th century chapel! Can you make out the skull and crossbones motif in the stone?


  1. I don't know how can you survive with so little clothing :P Im always searching for something to dress, even with the closet full, but I understand that being in UNI studying what you like consumes all of your time.
    Loved the last look, the belt made all the diference, and that shirts from fanplusfriend are gorgeus.

  2. New reader here! I love your sense of style! And I would OWN that necklace. :)

  3. I'd love to be there in Scotland, haha! I'm glad you're having a good time. Your alterations to the shirt are lovely too <3

  4. Those bats are adorable, and i thought that you have loads of pretty clothes. ^^

    Oh, and love the picture with the chapel ruins.

  5. I spotted the warm coats in your wardrobe! A good thing to have here in Scotland. I've been known to wear a velvet jacket in August because I was still cold! The ruined chapel looks pretty - where is it? I wanna visit!

    My wardrobe only has one lonely bat on it!

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