Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Clothing Without Costumes

Happy October, darling followers! I hope the month has been treating you well? Personally, it's been very kind to me, which I'm thankful for. There are people on the floor of my dorm who want to celebrate Halloween, so it's been consuming my mind lately! Mostly we'll just bake tons of things, decorate the hall, watch movies, and of course wear costumes! I'll be going as a vampire again this year, because of how easy it is, but I know people who are dressing as everything from french maids to werewolves. But what if you aren't the type to slather yourself in fake blood or craft an elaborate costume for the day but don't want to let the holiday be passed unobserved? Here's my take on how to dress for the season without wearing a costume.

The first way to add a little bit of Halloween fun to your everyday outfit is to sprinkle it with Halloween motifs, which you might have in your arsenal already! Just pile it on (don't be afraid to be a bit tacky, that's half the fun.) Bats, spiders (or their webs), ghosts, witches, and anything else you can think of will make great additions to your outfit. A bonus to this is that these can be used, more sparingly of course, in your everyday wardrobe depending on your personal style and the quality of the pieces. 

The second way to represent our favorite holiday is to deck yourself in Halloween colors. The most obvious choice, of course, is orange. The perfect orange tone is hard to find, but look for something bright that isn't too yellow or pink-ish (I've made the mistake of buying something labeled orange only to find that it was actually a kind of salmon color. Ick!) However, when paired with black, you have more options than just orange. Neon greens and purples also work wonderfully, as well as blood reds.


If none of these ideas appeal to you, why not just get fancy? And I mean really fancy. Dress to the nines for no reason at all. All of your jewelry, fancy accessories, cravats and corsetry or combat boots and customized leather jackets. Take just one day, or several, to do up your hair in a way that you can't usually be bothered to do. Do your makeup in a really suitably dramatic way, maybe experimenting with color or exaggerated winged eyeliner.

If you're not wearing a costume for Halloween, what will you be wearing? 


  1. I'm in England, and we don't really make a big deal of Halloween.. It's kind of sad really!
    But I'd love to one year, dress up and go all out for it, then sit in starbucks like I'm completely normal..One day!

  2. I first read the title of this post as "Halloween Costuming Without Clothes"! Needless to say, that caught my attention... But I think the content of the actual post is MUCH better than the strange pictures that were going through my head!

  3. I keep wanting to be Jack Torrance but just permed my deathhawk which now has purple it's not really gonna look good n I don't wanna find a wig, ahaha. I've been planning to just goth it up as a "witch" or "vampire" without even doing makeup if I can get away with that....I really appreciate this post. I hope you have fun this year. :)

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