Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ten Unusual Goth Meet-Up Ideas

I'm back into the blogging groove! For the past few weeks, I've been mulling around in my mind a few options for future Goth Meet-up ideas, and I thought I'd post ten of my favorites! I tried to include ones for all budgets, so hopefully there is something in there for everyone!

I was so tempted to go...
  1. Paint Your Own Pottery - If you aren't familiar with them, Paint Your Own Pottery shops are basically shops where you buy an unpainted porcelain or ceramic object (everything from knick-knacks to plates to vases and all sorts of other things), paint them using supplied paints, then the shop fires them in a kiln for you and you take home your finished object. If you aren't very artsy-inclined, don't worry about it! Use the opportunity to paint lyrics from your favorite Goth songs (honestly, when is the next chance you're going to get to own a plate with the lyrics to "Some Kind of Stranger" on it?) 
  2. Volunteer at an animal shelter - Many animal shelters offer open-volunteering for people who want to come in and socialize the animals before they are adopted. Usually this involves either playing with and cuddling the animals or taking them out for walks. Make sure people don't wear anything too fancy, those animals can be a bit messy! (Also, important, some of the animals may shy away from someone who makes noise when they move, so avoid anything that will "clink" like layers of bracelets or chain-covered trousers.) 
  3. Thrifting - Okay. Okay. I know it's a cliche. But, this will be a great time to stock up on your own wardrobe (cheaply!) and find more thrift stores to explore later. You can decide on which thrift store to go to democratically or whoever is hosting the meet-up might have one in mind already. The bonus to this is that you get to ask the opinions of your fellow Goths (something that, while shopping, I often wish I could do.) If possible, try to find a bigger thrift store, so that you all aren't fighting over the one black lacey blouse in the shop.
  4. Laser tag - Put away your platforms and corsetry, laser tag is a ridiculously fun game in which you and your team face off against another team with fake guns. Don't worry, you don't need to be a Halo champion to play; I placed third in my game (in a group of thirty+) the first time playing, and it's fun even if you aren't very good at it. Unfortunately, the lasers might trigger reactions in Goths with conditions like epilepsy, so make sure everyone is aware what they're signing up for (there should be a waiver required to play, make sure everyone reads it!) 
  5. Cake decorating class - Many local craft stores have cake decorating classes for a small fee, and though some of them are rather cutesy, around Halloween time (or if hosted by a particularly cool craft store) there are some more interesting options. If there are people with dietary restrictions in the group, look for specialty classes which cater to gluten-free or vegan cakes/cake decorating. Have fun! 
  6. Have a reading night - A nice way to spend an evening might be to go to either a poetry reading in your town and participate, or hold one in the home of one person in the group. Don't worry if you're not very good at it, this is for fun! If you struggle to find something to write about, have someone pick a theme for the group to write about (silly or serious.) Be encouraging of your fellow Goths, be respectful if the poem is "heavy", and have fun! 
  7. Head to a Museum - Take a tip from us! Museums are a great place to explore with your fellow spooklings! Look for ones which have exhibits relevant to Goths (vintage fashion, medical, "dark" historical, dark art, music, etc.) and be sure to either look for freebie days or group discounts! 
  8.  Ghost hunting - Not everywhere has spooky lore in it...but most definitely do! If you need ideas, check out some travel guides and poke around for lore around your area. Then, go visit. Alternatively, type in the name of a town into your favorite search engine and tack "spooky", "haunted" or "creepy" onto the end and search away! Be sure not to go onto private property or otherwise trespass. The last thing you need is for a meet-up to end in jail time. 
  9. Craft nights in - Find someone in the local community to host the event and ask everyone to bring any DIY supplies that have been lurking around with no projects for them. Start a pool in the middle of a table/on the floor/in the bath tub/etc. and let everyone have at them for some fun crafting times. If you have something that you've been meaning to work on, be sure to bring that along. Then you can have some fun gossipy times while you craft to your heart's content. If you like, this can be prefaced by a trip to a local craft store if someone can drive or if it is in walking distance. 
  10. Go to a book talk - Every so often, when our favorite authors come out with a new book, they will tour to give talks about their books, answer questions, and diatribe. Depending on the author, they can be illuminating, amusing, fun, or anything else. If there is a particularly spooky author coming to a city near you, why not ask some fellow Goths who might like that author to come with you? Tickets tend to be cheap and it can be a wonderful experience.
 So, there you have it! My list of ten unusual (and hopefully fun) ideas for Goth Meet-Ups. I hope you find at least one of these useful for planning something in the future. OH! Look what I bought on campus (for really cheap) yesterday!

Two records from Siouxsie and the Banshees and one from The Cure.

Adam and the Ants album! 



  1. Thought i would give you two more that happened on my country some years ago, one ,was a picknick on the beach by night with a fire, and other was on a very mistique place named Monte da Lua - Serra de Sintra (can't translate it, google it and you will see the beauty :P) people joined by night too and went to a walk by night on the forest.

  2. Cool Idea I will definately try it and be on the lookout for a few of these in town so that I can meet fellow goths to plan these things with.
    Thank you for sharing. I love meeting fellow goths.

  3. Some of those ideas are great, especially because you can do most of them with your non-goth friends! I'd skip the volunteering (we have very strict rules for that in Germany), laser tag (pacifist), cake decorating (vegan) and ghost hunting (afraid of the dark, yup, seriously) but I'd love to plan a reading night! I have another idea: The opera! Tickets can be cheapter than the cinema and you get an excuse to dress up!

  4. where i live there are many deserted houses, said to be haunted. i 've been to a few. people, don' t go there alone.. it' can be too frightening. sure it' s funny exploring them, but be careful for falling debris, ruined staircases or dangerous people hiding there or following you inside.

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