Saturday, June 2, 2012

When Goths Meet Up (At the Mütter!)

Phew! I'm exhausted. Yesterday was the Mütter Museum Goth Meet Up in Philly which was, in a nut shell, an absolute blast. As I've mentioned before on this blog, I don't see Goths on a regular basis (or at all, really) so it was really refreshing to be able to hang out with other Goths for a little while.

The Museum turned out to be the perfect place to hold the meet up, too. It was delightfully curious, a little gross at times, and very, very cool. Unfortunately, they don't allow pictures inside the museum and I don't know anyone who snagged them secretly, so my descriptions will have to suffice. It was smaller than I was expecting, but beautiful and fascinating. Among the attractions were a 70lb ovarian cyst, slides of Albert Einstein's brain, the Soap Lady, a Skeleton of a man who stood at over seven feet tall, vintage medical supplies, a doctor's personal collection of over 1,000 objects swallowed by his patients, the fetal skeletons, and my personal favorite: books bound in human skin leather. Now that I think about it, before I ask people to bury my corpse, I'd like a book to be bound in my skin. How about Brave New World, or Frankenstein?

The Museum
Source: Jilltracy

Before I give a recommendation for you to check out the museum, a disclaimer: some things in there are very, very gross. Personally, the thing that gets my skin to crawling is the section of skin diseases, but that's just me. There are graphic pictures, graphic specimens, graphic descriptions. But, if you're a person not bothered by such things, it's definitely worth a visit! I'd never heard of some of the anomalies in the exhibits and, honestly, parts of it were like a walk-in curio cabinet! (Which, speaking of, I've started developing even more of an interest in. This could be interesting.)

Wall of Skulls

After that, some of us went out to lunch (mm, Goths at a pizza joint!) and then we all met up to go to South street. South Street had a lot of interesting attractions, including occult shops and Philadelpha's Magic Gardens. One of the guys in the group (the guy with the beard between Joji and myself) worked at a piercing parlor and two of our lovely group members got piercings. Alison (poesdaughter on Tumblr) got a cartiledge piercing and Joji got his bridge re-pierced. Of course, this got me all antsy. I can't wait to turn eighteen and get my tattoos! I have so many planned...

I was really pleased with the group we amassed. There wasn't any argument or cattiness, we all seemed to really appreciate the opportunity to hang out with other Goths in a non-club setting. I got to meet new people and get to talk to people I'd only known online. I want to thank Poesdaughter again for organizing the meet up out of my one vague suggestion, without her none of this would have been possible. I really hope we get to do this again because I had a really, really great time. Unfortunately, we walked so far along South Street that I missed my train back. However, I got my ticket exchanged and all was well. Then, due to the storm that was passing over the DC/Baltimore area, I got stuck on the tracks for a while. Oh well. I got home safe and sound and so, so eager to plan another meet up. Where to next, guys?

Alison and I
My outfit rundown:
Overskirt: Fanplusfriend
Underskirt: Fanplusfriend
T-shirt: Gesshouku Designs
Blood Vial Necklace: VampireWear
Hair bows: Hot Topic
Cross necklace, lace bolero: Torrid
Socks: Camden
Boots: Rivethead


  1. That looks like SO much fun! I'm glad you got to have this experience. I bet you went home just glowing :)

  2. I wish that a meet-up was a possibility in my areas; your's sounds great!

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