Saturday, June 9, 2012

What makes a complete wardrobe?

Oof. I've just finished culling my closet and boy can fabric start to feel heavy after you've carried so many armfuls of it. Anyway, you'll be pleased to know that my closet is much less cluttered and now I'm moving onto the next phase of my wardrobe overhaul: planning and purchasing. Since I'm not on a regular income, I decided that the most efficient way to build a complete wardrobe was to plan out carefully what I needed and buy all the essentials before I start flinging around any (nonexistant) fun money. But that got me thinking: what is a complete wardrobe? What will be my essentials? Oh god, this is going to be harder than I thought.


Well, no fear! My twelve year old self's compulsion to buy books about fashion (to appease her dreams of becoming a fashion designer, bless) will help me out! I pick up the well read paper-back tome from my bookshelf and blow the dust and cobwebs off. The cover proudly proclaims that it is "The Complete Guide to Finding the Style That's Right for Your Body" by Clinton Kelly and Stacy London, Hosts of TLC's What Not to Wear. Shoving aside the issues I have had with their methodology in the past (insinuating that one of the participants looked like a prostitute, among other things) I peeled the pages apart and began to read. Aha! I found it! On the twelfth page is a big blue spread of "Essentials for Every Woman." Now let's see what they have here.

Readers, I wish I could scan the spread so you can see the horrors embedded within. Neutral trousers? Tweed skirts? Sparkly tops? Jeans? Brown bag? Brown heels? TWEED??? (Readers, I flipped to the Essentials for Every Man section and found even more horror's there! There was a suggestion, and I quote, for every man to have "six sport shirts, long or short sleeve, like polos.) The horror! THE HORROR!

Okay, enough of that drama. I wasn't exactly that shocked to see those here. And, sure, some of their examples do have a place in a Goth's wardrobe. Leather jacket? Sure thing. Black boots? Oh definitely. Black dress? Of course. But still, I had to shut the book. That wasn't what I was looking for. Apparently "Every Woman" doesn't include me. Not only do I think that trousers and jeans are beyond evil (those black jeans you saw in a previous post were casualties of the wardrobe culling), but where are the things that I consider essential? Like a well fitted bra? And a coffin shaped purse? Guess I'll have to do my own digging.

So, in the mean time, readers, what's in your "wardrobe essentials" list? What, if anything, makes Goth wardrobes different from Kelly and London's?


  1. The only essential I can think of is a fitted a-line skirt, preferably in black. But I'll be waiting to hear your essentials. I honestly need to get my wardrobe in check.

  2. My essentials would probably include a pair or two of jeans, a casual skirt or two, a petticoat that works with almost all of my skirts that I'd wear one with, a good pair of boots (My boots fell apart on me in March, but it was warm so I went around in flip-flops, the only other shoes I have, which of course was the time the temperature decided to plummet and snow fell. I still need boots, I just stubbornly slugged through snow in flip-flops as if I could boycott the weather into being warm again.) An assortment of tank-tops to wear under itchy blouses or tight corsets... a presentable pair of riding breeches and boots/half-chaps.
    That and the clothes you shove in the back of your dresser for the times you forget or can't afford to do laundry. =P

  3. My essentials are definately black tights, platformshoes and some nice light dresses. Even if I don't feel well because I'm tired, ill or just stressed out I know I can just put on some of those basics and I'll feel comfortable going out and being dressed "properly" even though maybe I didn't put on make-up, a bra or any jewelry.

  4. Tons of black tights. You can never have enough of them, when you are a clumsy girl like me.
    I quite liked the 'goth girl essentials' list from gothic charm school.
    Otherwise my most essential stuff:
    Black trenchcoat,black cardigan,
    black short skirt, black long skirt,
    one pair of heeled and one pair of flat shoes for every season,
    black short dress,
    black cozy pullover,
    blouses and shirts (you can never have enough shirts xD).
    I'm still searching for:
    a black long dress,a petticoat, coffin purse and the purrfect black 'I like zer funerals' long skirt.
    For me a wardrobe would be complete, when I can get dressed for everything except my own wedding, without going shopping. But since I love shopping and I have a very short attention span, I always add odds and ends... so I guess, I'll never admit to being 'complete' xD

  5. Absolutely a well fitting corset

  6. You just inspired my next blog post^_^

  7. Jackets of different lengths: mid-calf, mid-thigh, hips, waist
    Vests/waistcoats of different styles: fitted/unfitted
    Ties of varying styles
    Blouses in white and black with a variety of collars
    Black skinny jeans
    Black slacks
    One pair of "interesting" pants
    Black turtleneck sweater
    Boots with a variety of heels/toes
    A pair of tuxedo shoes

  8. I like to think of situations I am in in my everyday life and plan according to that.
    So that is:
    something for a long lecture class/hanging out at home that is comfy as well as stylish. Usually involves bloomers

    A few changes of cloths that can get totally ruined (art major)

    A few changes of cloths (one or two bottoms with a few tops) that are nicer, for going out with friends or visiting people

    and a few different fancy cloths. This includes my fancy bloomers, my corset, a varity of tights, a pair of boots and a pair of heels, my pvc dress and a few other oddments.

    The most important is REALLY COMFY SHOES. You're going to be walking about a lot, don't kill your feet!

  9. For me, my doc martens and shoe inserts are the start! If you can find a nice, comfy pair of shoes that you can keep forever, that will look good even if they're worn, you're set in that department. Unfortunately I only have a pink pair that fits! My black ones....I bought them used and they're an 8, which is my usual size but they're a little small. I need to get them stretched.

    I think having one or two dresses that you can throw on--comfy ones with little form that are casual or classy depending on what you pair them with--are a must. I have a grey ruffle dress and a brown one with some cool art on it of a woman that looks a lot like Siouxsie Sioux, very loose and comfortable but incredibly classy if worn with the right tights and shoes.

    I prefer leggings with socks, since I feel leggings tend to hold up longer. Investing in things that will last you longer is always important too!

    A pair of slacks or skinnies or whatever, maybe two. I work, so I have to have one or two pairs of blue jeans, but I also have a few pairs of dark skinnies and black slacks.

    Versatile skirts. I have two or three that I can make several awesome coordinates with which look good dressed up or down.

    I have to agree with the idea of having SOME fancy clothes. I have some pettipants, a garter belt, a few pairs of fancier socks and one or two fancier skirts and tops/layering tops. Good for when I want to be dressed up.

    I keep in mind the number of times a year I can wear the items. I prefer to buy things I can layer easily (be sure to have some good long-sleeved, velvet, and/or warm items!). I'm in Buffalo and we're, uh, known for our winters....and our wicked humid summers. :x I need to be ready for everything and I had to learn to wear shorts lest I die for wearing black in the summer heat.

    To me, that's what you need. Everything else is just icing on the cake, heh!

  10. I consider black boots a must have. Sadly mine are beginning to wear out--but they've lasted for over five years so I'm not complaining.

    I think a DIY item of clothing/jewlery is a must have as well. There's nothing like being able to say "I made it" when someone asks where you got your skirt.

  11. well, im kind of in the midway of the beginning of goth, but staples for me are a good pair of black jeans, some pieces of silver jewellery, something dark but not black to break it up, a black coat and a pair of boots (btw im a guy)

  12. black boots that fit my trousers inside.
    leather-velvet jacket.
    black coat.
    black dress.
    all stars.
    black high rise skinny jeans.
    leather gloves.
    lace blouses.
    torn jeans.
    silver earrings.
    flats. (i still search for a red pair with a rose on)

    1. oh and a comforting pair of high heels. i might grow old until i find one

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