Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Thoughts on a Complete Wardrobe

Readers, thank you for contributing your thoughts to last weeks post. It gave me quite a bit to think about for this one. It occurs to me that this post will inevitably be biased. My style is extraordinarily feminine, pulling from (as I've mentioned before) Romantigoth, Victoriangoth, and Gothic Lolita. However, I will try to balance the plate as much as possible with help from your suggestions. Anyway, here are my takes on the "bare necessities" of a Goth's wardrobe:

  • One pair black boots
  • One pair black flats/sneakers
  • One pair black dressier shoes (heels, dress shoes, platforms, etc.)
  • Seven pairs socks and/or hosiery (some plain and some patterned)
  • Four blouses or shirts (two black, two embellished/colored and in varying sleeve lengths)
  • Three casual t-shirts (for lounge wear or otherwise)
  • Five pairs trousers, jeans, shorts or skirts (at least two black, the others patterned or embellished)
  • One black bag (purse, tote, satchel, etc.)
  • One lighter-weight jacket (should be black, or some other color that matches most of your wardrobe)
  • One heavy-weight jacket or coat (same as above, and should be waterproof.)
  • Three kinds of semi-outerwear (vests, cardigans, shrugs, wraps, corset, etc.)
  • Appropriate undergarments (whatever this means to you, it's not my business.)
  • Two belts (or one belt with two different belt buckles)
  • Two headpieces (hats, headbands, hair flowers, etc.)
  • Two pairs of gloves or arm warmers (one dressy and one winter-weight)
  • Two scarves (one dressy/gauzy and one winter weight)
  • An assortment of jewelry
With this list, I think you could comfortably make several different outfits by mixing and matching the tops and bottoms of your wardrobe. This list doesn't even cover some of the more intricate accessory combinations and types, which shock even me with their power to change up the look of an outfit.

Of course, there can (and should) be building upon this basic wardrobe. I've listed most everything as black, but I've got my eye on a pair of red boots for when I have my basics down! Another note I should add here is that your wardrobe is your business, do what you like with it! If I've suggested jeans and you hate jeans, swap that for something else. If you live somewhere tropical and heavy coats aren't necessary, don't bother! However, I like to think that I've been mostly inclusive. Readers, what do you think of my list?


  1. It's a wonderful list! I love "basics" lists... :) :)
    My own wardrobe is very casual - Hippie Goth/Casual Goth. Mostly comfortable separates with a Goth flair (like my Nightmare Before Xmas tee!).

  2. The main advantage: It will actually fit in your average furniturestore closet... *shoves her wardrobe door shut again*

    I think you really covered most occassions/weather, etc. I'd love too see your version of a travel wardrobe. (Like the 'what to pack for your summer vacation' articles in mainstream fashion mags)
    I could possibly get something together with the stuff in my closet, but I'm as undisciplined with packing as I'm with shopping.

  3. I like your list, I'd add one cosy outfit, for days you spend on the couch, watching spooky movies. :D

    Ria: The key in travelling light is figuring out an outfit for every occasion, checking the weather, and wear the items during travelling that take up the most space, like your big boots.

  4. This is lovely! I just found your blog and can't decide whether to check my wardrobe against this for curiosity's sake or go stalk your goodreads account... (I'm Ulrike over there)

  5. the list is great! i 'd add 2 black dresses, one for summer one for winter, because they can be worn in many different ways, in casual and formal events. also, sunglasses, a leather jacket, all stars, a big black bag and a small one, nightwear, black leggings, a uniform.

  6. I only recently found this, and it's been a great help to me as I rebuild my wardrobe after years of working in jobs that required ugly uniforms!

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