Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Goth Challenge 26-30

Yes, today marks the final installment of The Goth Challenge from Juliet's Lace. I hope you've enjoyed reading my answers and I thank you for sticking with me even when I do this instead of posting real content. Still, I'm about to Graduate to I'm extremely busy. So, without further ado:

26. Show a photo for every year (or month if you're new) that you've being into Goth.
Age 12, rocking the side bangs and horribly bushy eyebrows.

Age 13, just after I cut my hair off at chin length and got bangs but before I decided to dye it.
Age 14, with the really intense eyeliner and more bangs. At least I didn't fall prey to the "IT MUST ALL BE BLACK" stereotype.
Age 15, just after I dyed my hair. Here we can see the cat eye makeup getting more subtle. I still have that necklace, but it's tarnished now.
Age 16, hiding coyly behind a fan. That is actually my skin tone with flash, that's not face powder. Here my hair is starting to grow out the black but at least I have my eyebrows in order and no more of that catliner.
Age 17. Actually, I cheated. This is me about two weeks before I turned 17. But you know what? Close enough. You can see how long my hair got, how it's black and how I haven't regressed into the cat eyeliner stage.

27. The worst thing you ever did to a newbie.
I don't think I've done anything mean to a newbie, really. I only know one newbie and she was dating my younger brother, but I never interacted with her really.

28. Do you consider yourself an eldergoth?
Pfffft. No. Not at all. 17 is hardly "elder" status. Give me a couple decades and maybe I'll be considered an eldergoth, though by then all the original batcavers will be in their wheelchairs and grumpily calling me "middle aged."

29. What do you think will happen to Goth in the future?
I think that the definition of what Goth is will grow more and more broad, but it will produce so many wonderful things under its umbrella that I won't complain. Of course, the eldergoths might bitch and moan about it, but I'll just watch it happen. I think we're seeing the wave of nu-goths that are cropping up, and they will be the first of many. I don't mind them really, but I know some are vehemently against them. I just remind myself that some of the "original" Goths don't consider Victorian Goth "real goth" but you know what? It doesn't matter to me. They can think what they want.

30. Make a list of blogs you regularly read and link to them.
In no particular order


  1. Thanks for taking part, I really enjoyed reading it :)

  2. Awww, thank you for naming my blog. ^_^

    And I really like that picture of you with the fan!
    And yay for finishing the challenge! :D I really enjoyed reading it!

    1. You're quite welcome Dear! And thank you very much! :D

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