Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shallow Wants: Goth Prom Dresses

While Goths might not be known for their school spirit, it would be unfair to say that we never participate in school functions. Just like everyone else, we can participate in any number of activities and functions. High School proms are no exception. However, for Goths it can be hard to find just the right outfit to express yourself. Since I'm having that dilemma right now, I'd like to do a show-and-tell of various Goth-appropriate prom dresses I've found. Hopefully, if you're a wearer of dresses and looking for a dress for some sort of formal event, you'll find this helpful.

My dress when I attended my friends' senior prom last year (I scored it on sale!)

Hell Bunny Prom Dress from FairyGothMother - £45
(The oddly shaped back is caused, apparently, by the presence of a large bow. I'd personally remove it if I were going to get this dress.)

Even just finding those examples I was almost overwhelmed by the awesome amount of diversity in prom dresses for us spookies. I can't wait to start looking for mine! Of course, there is also the option of going to thrift stores or making something yourself, so don't think I'm suggesting that you must buy your dress from a retailer, but these just really caught my eye. Because I am only minimally versed in menswear, I cannot help with our gentleman or other suit-wearers, other than to provide you the link to Sinister Sartorialist's Tumblr. Check out his outfit posts, they're quite inspiring!


  1. I bought my prom dress off Debs (american shop for those who dont know it, very preppy really) on clearence. It was strapless black, had a huge tulle skirt and roses on the top. Apparently it was on clerance since noone liked it. I added a shash and made it fit me, and voila, amazing prom dress! If you look hard enough you can find cool stuff in mainstream stores, or even preppy ones, they just might need some DIY :)

  2. I have the Hell Bunny one, bow and all. The only thing I did have to do was add straps because I *ahem* have no bosom to speak of. >.< It's not as weirdly-shaped as it looks in that photo!

    1. Oh, that's good to know! I thought it was so pretty, so I'm glad to hear that the bow doesn't detract from it.

  3. Awesome dresses! There are so many good websites out there for alternative dresses, it's great. Good for me anyway because I can't sew -_-

  4. I'm thinking of buying the FanplusFriend Rococo Ballgown for a LARP, but I'm a little wary of FanplusFriend's return policy (or lack thereof). Would you say it's a quality dress with good lace?