Saturday, April 28, 2012

Overhauling my Wardrobe: Inspiration

After going through my closet this weekend, trying to plan outfits for the coming week, I decided that I really would like to overhaul my wardrobe. Most of my closet has come from my earlier teens and it's safe to say that my style has evolved a lot since then. As I'm about to leave home, I figured now is the time to focus on showing on the outside who I have become on the inside. To start with, I think I'd like to take some time explaining what I want my wardrobe to be like.

Source: Tumblr


To start with, I think I'm going to be taking some silhouette inspiration from Lolita fashion. I'm going to focus on getting more "fluffy" bell-shaped skirts that start directly at the waist and hit around the knee. I need to ditch all of my pants, shorts, and jeans. They don't have a place in my closet anymore. For blouses, I'm looking to find more high-neck and button-up blouses that "nip in" at the waist. Jackets and vestsshould hit at the top of the hip or at my waist, coats can be longer. Socks should be at least above the knee, but preferably thigh-length or full-tights (not footless leggings.)


For a color pallet, I'm going to try and stick with mostly black, gray, white, indigo, and red for my color pallet. These are the colors that I find the most aesthetically pleasing and that look good with my skin tone. For jewelry and accessories, I wouldn't mind adding in other colors, so they're exempt from the rule. Speaking of jewelry, I think I'd prefer to keep most of my jewelry in silver-tone. I have a few pieces of jewelry in bronze and gold, but I never know what to do with them since they don't match anything.

Fabric Choices

I'm going to stay away from satins, which I find incredibly unflattering, and very "clingy" fabrics. Instead, I'm going to build up a wardrobe of more velvets, jacquards, cottons, and cotton-blends. When it comes to velvet, I'm going to avoid both stretch-velvets and crushed ones, and instead focus on nicer, smooth velvet items. I'm also going to stay away from sheer fabrics and anything with a lot of lace on it.

Most of my wardrobe will more than likely end up being solid colors, but sometimes I fall hard for patterns and motifs. I'd like to limit the patterns in my wardrobe to vertical stripes and damasks, staying away from plaids, polka-dots and florals. I'm still debating about striped stockings because, while I love them, they do make my legs look wider. I'll decide about them later when my ankle heals up and I can start running again to get my runner's legs back.


The first thing I'm going to do is get rid of my bracelets, hats, and arm warmers. These are pieces that I can never make work for me, for various reasons, so they've got to go. In my wildest daydreams, I'd like to build up an "accessory wardrobe" inspired by Lolita and Victorian-Goth. Fancy muffs for the winter, jabots, caplets, vintage gloves, and boleros are on the list. For jewelry, I'd like to focus more on brooches, rings, necklaces, and hair-ornaments. One thing that I really need, though, is a reasonably practical but pretty purse, so we'll see what I can find.


I'm not entirely sure what type of shoe-wardrobe I want to have yet. I'm going to get rid of most of my casual tennis-shoes (except for my fabulous running shoes) and try to get more Victorian boots. For other casual shoes, I would like a small and feminine heel (I find low heels more comfortable than flats, oddly enough.) I'm going to get rid of shoes with a square tip and instead focus on rounded toes and pointy ones.

Unfortunately, I was not one of the winners of the multi-million dollar lottery, so how am I going to pay for all of this? I think it's time I learned how to sew. Yes, yes, I've been thinking about it for a while, but I really do feel that now is the time to learn. I'll start from the basics, like altering thrift-store finds, but then I might be able to upgrade to sewing my own skirts! People have promised me that it's not as hard as I'm making it out to be, but we'll see!

What about you all? Have any of you done a wardrobe overhaul? How did it turn out for you?


  1. I'm in the middle of the exact same thing. But while you're going further into Victorian and Lolita I'm going more into Lolita and Deathrock. :3

    Goodluck! I've found that eBay is my best friend for cheaply upgrading my wardrobe but it can be way more expensive for neo-victorian pieces. :/

  2. I haven't been into the scene for very long so I'm trying to get rid of the wardrobe developed in my younger teens, (which is more or less Emo things from the dreaded Hot Topic) and am trying to find more Deathrock and Victorian pieces. I know I'm going to stick with the subculture for life, I don't see myself ever growing out of Goth (versus Emo which I've found is often more of a teenager thing), so I'm sure I'll have more than a few wardrobe renewals. XD
    And I completely agree with SaryWalrus. Ebay is my best friend :)

  3. Sounds beautiful! I'm in the process of clearing out my wardrobe too. So much crap in there! Ebay ruuules.

  4. Ahhh, I want new clothes so badly. When I get mad, I go on these "purges" to make myself feel better and I throw everything away... I thought I'd be able to buy new ones, but I can't find a job. So now I have no clothes, and I look like a normal person. ... almost. Halfway there. People treat me so much differently now. It's interesting, but disappointing.

  5. I'm in the process of a life, as well as a warabode overhall. It's more difficult than it sounds especially since I'm trying to deal with it all at the same time. You could sell the stuff you are getting rid of to try to make more money. Since there are loads of gothlings (such as myself) who would love some of the stuff your giving away!

  6. Another goth who isn't a sewing goddess? That makes me feel better, as I was becoming convinced that I was the only one on the planet who hasn't been sewing since my early teens... Hope it's as easy as everybody says.

    1. So do I! We'll see, though, then I learn. :)

  7. Sounds lovely. Don't you think getting rid of all the pants (imagine meme here) is a bit drastic? On the other hand it's a good way to avoid getting lazy and just wearing jeans and shirts. Out of curiosity: How big do you think your perfect wardrobe would be?

    I want to start over with everything except maybe a couple of pieces regularly, but I never have the discipline. I end up buying stuff every now and then, just because it's cheap and mildly flattering. The second problem is I like so many things (Goth, Rockabilly, Lolita ...) and I just can't decide, so I always end up with a mix of everything and nothing.

    PS: @ Spike - I never learned to sew either, I can't do more then putting buttons pack on.

    1. I literally own one pair of pants, the black jeans from my previous post, and they get worn once a year, so it's not that far of a stretch. Realistically I'd like to get up to maybe ten blouses, ten skirts, and five dresses over the span of a couple years, and then just add over time what I really like. :)

  8. I'm experiencing sartorial changes as well. I still like black, but I 've added forest green, dusty tones and off-white lace ( as if it was very old) but still with a victorian silhouette. My problem is shoes, too. I don't know what to do with them. Currently I'm planning to make a lace purse to celebrate this softened image.

  9. You have a very well thought out plan! That is pretty much my preferred aesthetic. :)

    I have found that if you want to dress up more, a good strategy is to not have casual clothing items on hand. It forces you into dressing up even if you do not feel like it. (Although I do have bloomers and t-shirts for the days I stay home or petticoats are just too impractical for what I am doing.)

    I also adore the dress in that photo! *covets*

  10. I love your ideas for your new wardrobe! It sounds like it will be very elegant and I hope you post a few outfit pictures. I really like the idea of getting Victorian boots- they're so cute!

    I like to mix goth style with lolita too. I post a lot of my outfits in my blog

  11. Oh, I'm still in the middle of a wardrobe overhaul. I'm not particularly goth-minded. I flirted with it in high school but I've found I can't just stick to a single sub-culture. Money can be tight but I've found great luck at Goodwill for my own wardrobe. It's actually a really great place to look for pieces to just fill out your style. I've found some gems. And if you're not sure where to start for shoes, thrifting can be great for those too. I found a pair of Doc Martin's for 3$.