Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do Goths make better lovers?

According to this video we do. If you ignore the narrator's condescension in the first twenty or so seconds, it's also an interesting watch for when you have a spare ten minutes.

Naturally, as a single-by-choice Goth, I have to disagree with some of the points made in the video. Firstly, that we're always in couples (with another Goth, apparently.) I've never dated another Goth, I don't even know many in the real world. There is a common misconception that Goths only ever date other Goths, but that's simply not true. For example, I've only ever dated nerds. I have nothing against other Goths, but I chose not to limit my choice of partner by their musical tastes and aesthetics. Of course, for some people this is a bigger issue (particularly for those of the "music is my life" variety) but it's not true for everyone.

But that's not all the video has to say. Later on, you meet a couple Goths who try to explore why they like dating Goths. One of the Goths in the video says that he thinks that Goths have a "more romantic outlook on things," and that might be part of it. To many non-Goths (I'm using my friends as a convenient sample here) would find it kind of silly to be given roses by their beloveds, while some Goths (including myself and some of my Goth friends) delight in being given black and red roses.

Then, there's the mention of Goth males being "in touch with their feminine sides." While this is true for some Goth males, I protest that this is true for all of them (particularly Goth males who lean towards the Rivethead or Industrial looks.) Then, to say that being in touch with your feminine side makes you essentially a better lover isn't exactly true either. It might make you more romantic, as some of the romantic gestures given by Goths have feminine connotations (again, flowers) but only if you are a romantic person as well as a feminine one. However, the man who mentions this does later discuss make up which, whether we like it or not, is considered a feminine thing. However, since he uses it to bond with his girlfriend, it's a big positive in his life. I say go for it! That is, more than likely, an experience that fewer Non-Goths have than Goths do.

And then there's the discussion about if we're more sensitive. Anyone who has had to deal with in-scene drama will tell you that not everyone is sensitive about each other's feelings, but we're certainly sensitive about our own! The whole issue about "understanding" your partner is something huge in pop culture, so maybe it's easier to understand Goths? Maybe. Not all of us wear our hearts on our sleeves, as the saying goes. Some of our hearts are buried underneath floorboards or being carried around by widows or stuffed in jars filled with dirt. I think we can be as complex or as simple as anyone else.

The last issue I have with the video is that it is implied that it's easy for Goths to find each other. However, if you're in a small town like I am, you're more than likely going to be stuck in a long distance relationship if you really want something with another Goth. The only kind of social scene that makes it easier to find Goth partners is a thriving one, which many people don't have. In that scenario, it's much more usual to find a Goth dating another non-Goth.

In general, I think this video is kind of cute (the little video clip montage of all the Goth couples was adorable) but it does miss a few pointers. The only reason that I think Goths might have an easier time with relationships is a built-in common interest that you can build off of. It doesn't have anything to do with femininity, or sensitivity, or romance. What do you think?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coordinating a College T-shirt

Monday at my school is "Wear your college?" day, when all of the seniors wear an article of clothing from their college to show where they're going. In preparation for that, I decided to take some pictures of me wearing the t-shirt and coordinating it. Tell me what you think!

Cardigan: Thrifted
Skirt: Fanplusfriend
Belt: Torrid
Shoes: Payless
Rings: Various
Earrings: Spencer's

Jeans: Old Navy
Belt: Torrid
Boots: Demonia
Rings: Various
Earrings: Spencer's

Jacket: Camden Skirt: Torrid Wrist cuffs: Victorian Trading Co. Knee Socks: Otakon Boots: Rivethead Rings: Various Earrings: Spencer's What do you think? Is it possible to coordinate a college t-shirt in a suitably spooky way?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shallow Wants: Goth Prom Dresses

While Goths might not be known for their school spirit, it would be unfair to say that we never participate in school functions. Just like everyone else, we can participate in any number of activities and functions. High School proms are no exception. However, for Goths it can be hard to find just the right outfit to express yourself. Since I'm having that dilemma right now, I'd like to do a show-and-tell of various Goth-appropriate prom dresses I've found. Hopefully, if you're a wearer of dresses and looking for a dress for some sort of formal event, you'll find this helpful.

My dress when I attended my friends' senior prom last year (I scored it on sale!)

Hell Bunny Prom Dress from FairyGothMother - £45
(The oddly shaped back is caused, apparently, by the presence of a large bow. I'd personally remove it if I were going to get this dress.)

Even just finding those examples I was almost overwhelmed by the awesome amount of diversity in prom dresses for us spookies. I can't wait to start looking for mine! Of course, there is also the option of going to thrift stores or making something yourself, so don't think I'm suggesting that you must buy your dress from a retailer, but these just really caught my eye. Because I am only minimally versed in menswear, I cannot help with our gentleman or other suit-wearers, other than to provide you the link to Sinister Sartorialist's Tumblr. Check out his outfit posts, they're quite inspiring!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

London Trip Wrap-Up

Well, that week was relatively painless. I only attended school for two days this week because I had Wednesday to relax. Now, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. The first thing to do on that front is getting back to blogging. So, here I would like to show some pictures from my London trip and share a bit of news about next year.

Here I am with one of the famous ravens in the Tower of London. While the Tower of London turned out to be swarming with kids more than I'd like and with most of it roped off from tourists, this little guy made it all worth it. He was perched on the railing next to a walk way and I managed to get a silly selfie with him before some older man tried to pet him and got bitten. Serves him right.

I had to laugh at myself for wanting this picture with the iconic red telephone boxes. It was extremely gray the entire time we were there, but these red boxes were the best pop of color in the city. There were some black ones around somewhere, and many jokes were made about the "goth boxes."

Of course, I couldn't go to London without taking a trip to Platform 9 3/4! This was my first trip on the underground by myself (oh what a big girl I am!) and I had a lot of fun. There are some pretty talkative young punks on the underground. The only downside of going by myself was that I couldn't get someone to take a picture of me with the trolley. Ah well, next time!

We went to the Victoria and Albert museum one day, looking for an exhibit of Victorian dresses. Unfortunately, that exhibit isn't up quite yet, so we contended ourselves with going to the Theatrics and Performing Arts exhibition. Look who we found there! Why hello, Mick Jagger, Adam Ant, and Jimmy Page! You all are incredibly tiny. Was that because you didn't eat anything or because of the cocaine? (I kid, I kid. Sort of.)

Again in the Victoria and Albert, I found a poster that's very near and dear to my heart (and all of yours, I'm sure.) Ah, Siouxie! I didn't expect to see you here!

We went to Camden on Sunday and I was absolutely enthralled. It felt like home, seeing so many other spooky-types around. I spent most of my money there, and I bought some pretty cute things. Expect to see some in future posts! (Also, the shop fronts are amazing. Just look at that tattoo parlour.)

One of the last things we did was visit Kensington Palace. I was really in luck there because they had an exhibit called Victoria Revealed. In it there was a large collection of Queen Victoria's clothing, personal effects, and quotations. It was very enlightening, and reaffirmed that she was my favorite queen of England. Above you can see some of her mourning clothes, and that of her children.

There was no way that we could do everything. There just wasn't enough time, and my grandmother can't walk long distances. So, I didn't get to go to Highgate or go in the London Dungeon. Still, I can't be too upset about that! There was too much good to be brought down by anything bad. Now, I mentioned news above. What news could that be? I might be studying abroad in London during the fall semester! I have to get my school applications in order, but I'm really incredibly excited for that. Hopefully you'll hear more on that later.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Dark Sunshine Award

Yes, dears, I'm back from London! Back and exhausted. I've taken the day off of school to relax a little (meaning sleep. A lot of sleep) before I go back to school tomorrow. The trip went by all too fast, but it was an amazing adventure and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to have experienced it. On Saturday I will be back to share pictures and a bit about my experience. But, for now, this post is the Dark Sunshine Award that I was nominated for by Lesthi of "My Material World" and another individual (I'm sorry, I can't remember who while I'm this tired!) so here we go!

The rules:

1. Post the award picture with a backlink to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the ten questions.
3. Pass on the award to ten more bloggers.


Favorite Color: Indigo! I can't get enough of dark purple-y blue, but I can't seem to find any clothes that I like in that color. I'd like to buy some white items and give them a dye bath, but I'll have to see if I can find a proper dye.

Favorite Animal: Cats and rabbits! And crows. And fennic foxes. And horses. And....

Favorite Number: Four! Closely followed by 1920!

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Black tea flavored with roses, although I must say that I'm falling in love with the Fortnum & Mason Earl Grey tea I purchased while in England.

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook, my Twitter has been sadly neglected lately. I've been pondering making my Facebook open for people who know me on the internet to friend me, what do you think?

My Passion: Writing! I write all too much, in my opinion. On napkins, in journals, on multiple blogs. Whatever the medium, I adore writing.

Getting or Giving Presents: Giving. I'm terribly at guessing what people want, though, so I only really like it if I guess well.

Favorite Pattern: Damasks and thick stripes. I can't really chose between them.

Favorite Day of the Week: I love Saturdays. They're perfect because I can sleep in and stay up late.

Favorite Flower: Roses, absolutely, but violets run a close second.

10 Blogs to Check Out:

I've already done one of these posts in the past and my answers have not changed much. You all have wonderful blogs, so just check the comments if you'd like some recommendations!