Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Goth Challenge 21-25

No excuses. Just memes.

21. What body mod do you have or have you considered?
The only mods that I have so far are one piercing in each ear. I had another piercing in each, but my skin scarred thickly so I couldn't push an earring through. I would like to get two new piercings in each lobe, a rook and both of my cartilages done, and then there is the tattoo that I've been planning of the three hares symbol.

A tattoo design created for me by OpalDragon on Tumblr.

22. If you could attend any Goth event what would it be?

I would really love to attend the Vampires Masquerade Ball one year, but if I went anytime soon I would probably end up reusing my prom dress and feeling inadequate as far as level of frippery goes. My ideal dress would be a black velvet dress in the 1885 style with the high collar and large bustle, maybe with a feathered hat. Besides the clothes, it just seems like a nice time to get to know people in the same subculture. I suppose it might be different if you go alone, so maybe I could rope a few friends into going with me.

Source: Vampire Ball

23 – Your favourite artist or photographer.
My favorite artist is Jayne, known as The Dark Victorian in the blogger world and OpiateVampire/Magical Tea Time on Tumblr. You can find her online portfolio here, and a scan of the drawing by her that I actually own here (not to brag, but I own my favorite piece by my favorite artist? AWESOME.) Not only is she very talented, but she's also insanely nice. We went to the same high school a few years apart and I just recently bumped into her at Otakon this summer and she is as delightful as ever.

Name the best websites for Goths.
Blogging websites such as Blogger, Tumblr, etc., honestly. You will find huge amounts of art, style inspiration, music videos, song lyrics, DIY instructions, recipes and more all over that website if you follow the "right people." It really is reaffirmation that you aren't the only one with your particular interests, I've found. Of course, there are drawbacks, like the incessant drama and the snarky Anons, but any scene is prone to that on the internet.

Source: Tumblr

25. Did you ever consider leaving the subculture?
When I was a freshman, I had a problem with a particular male Goth who was a senior. He repeatedly told me that I was copying another Goth and was just an ass in general to me. This seriously made me reconsider myself as a Goth because I knew that I would have to deal with these people all the time if I went further into the subculture, but I stuck it out and it's been very, very worth it.

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