Saturday, March 10, 2012

Accessory Appreciation: Collar Tips

I have a soft spot for accessories. In a style as (usually) monochromatic as Goth is, the accessories can really make it stand out. Most Goths know that just because something is black doesn't make it Goth, so how do you make a plain black dress or pantsuit look delightfully spooky? Accessories would be your savior here. So, in honor of accessories, I'd like to spend a bit of time going over accessories that are, in my opinion, seriously under-appreciated. The first up accessory is the humble collar tip.

Collar tips are accessories that fasten onto the, well, tips of your collared shirts. They're unisex accessories and can fit a variety of styles. They are usually metal, though some will have gem stones, lace, chain, etc. attached to them. Some will even have dangling components or will be linked together by a chain (creating a necklace-like effect.) They are traditionally associated with Western styles from the 19th century, but with a modern twist they can really prove to be an unexpected but pleasant detail. Here are some examples:

(Check the shop, there are other designs available such as spiders, devil heads, etc.)

Curious as to how you're supposed to coordinate them? While I don't mean to dictate your fashion sense (because you can really wear them however you want,) my suggestion would be to find a plain colored shirt without a loud pattern (a pinstripe might be okay) and fasten the clips on. Don't detract from them by loading up on necklaces, brooches, or loud, attention grabbing earrings. Keep the rest of the jewelry on your hands. This makes the collar tips stand out as much as possible.

What are your opinions on collar tips, my dear readers? Do you find them to be too Western Kitsch or can they really work with Goth?


  1. never heard of them but wow, i do like them! maybe not on every outfit but some of my blouses would like them from time to time XD neeeeeed.

  2. I'm only afraid that my collars would sink underneath the weight. Do you know how much they tend to weigh?

    1. Not too much, I would say based on the ones that I've held. Naturally ones with stones on them would weigh more, but I think they compensate for that with better screws.

  3. I've just ordered a pair of wing-shaped collar tips. I know they've been really trendy recently, and I think they've become trendy for some good reasons - they genuinely are a versatile accessory that makes even plain shirts interesting. I've seen them, ages ago, in Visual Kei styles where they've been used as a "yipee another location to attach shinies!" sort of thing, and that's how I like them; an unusual form of "jewellery".