Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Goth Challenge: 16-20

First of all, I'd like to thank you all for following me! I was very pleased to see that my follower count had reached 100 and very flattered that you all are so interested. However, I'm afraid I must disappoint you for the moment. Because I am away from home for the weekend (visiting family in Virginia) with very limited internet access, there will not be a regular post today. Instead, here is the third installment of Juliet's Lace's Goth Challenge. After this one I only have two more to do. Are you guys sick of them or am I doing a good job of pacing them out? This time it's all about clothes, makeup and hair. Fun stuff, guys. Really fun stuff.

Untitled No. 25 by Lee Bontecou
Source: VMFA website.
(I saw this in person today. It was

16. What's the most casual you've ever dressed?

Well, I guess my most casual would be my lounge wear: pajama pants and a t-shirt. However, I don't leave my house dressed so casually. When I go out the most casual think I'll wear is a t-shirt and a plain skirt with tennis shoes or flats. However, my plan is to slowly phase out those casual pieces and build up a stronger wardrobe of blouses and fancy skirts so that I can be fancy all of the time.

17. Your favourite Goth brand.
My favorite brand would have to be Fanplusfriend. While not actually a Goth-specific brand, it is my favorite place to get clothing since it does cater to Gothic Lolita, which is my preferred skirt silhouette. Most of my favorite pieces are from there and they offer a bunch of different fabric options for most things which can be great for mixing up your wardrobe. I'm hoping to make my next purchase one of their Jacquard Cotton Skirts in black.

Source: Fanplusfriend

18. Worst hair experience.

My actual worst hair experience was cutting someone else's hair when I was in second grade. With my own hair, I haven't had any really, really bad hair experiences. My hair is really long though, so it can be a pain to brush out. Brushing out knots that formed while I've been keeping it in buns for a week can be a bigLink pain. This, below, is the eventual goal. Imagine how fun that will be.


19. Share beauty advise and take a photo of your make up.

As far as tips go, the only ones I really have are: 1) Use a base and 2) clean your brushes. These are the most foolproof ways to get the best color pay off with the least product. You guys have seen how I do my makeup, so I'm just going to reuse this picture.

20. If you could dye your hair any colour what would it be?

I'm loving the blue-black that I'm using right now, actually, so I'd rather keep doing that than switch over to a new color. I'm paranoid about matching colors, so if I dyed colored streaks then I would feel bad about not matching my outfits to those streaks. It's the same with tattoos, too, so black is the best option for me. I'm still trying to find a good, reliable black though. I have to dye my hair very often because it grows so quickly so I'd rather find one that isn't such a drain on my wallet. What suggestions do you all have?

Source: Herbatint

So, readers, help me out. When I've exhausted the Goth Challenge, what kinds of stock posts should I find? More memes? Recorded vlogs? I really value your input.


  1. I just recently dyed my hair using L'Oreal Feria's Bright Black. I love the color, but the blue in the black has been fading quickly for me. Perhaps if I dye it a second time, I won't have the same issue. I've used other Feria dyes, and I really like them.

  2. dont know about black but when i had my dark teal hair i tried a lot of brands (well that 'phase' was lasting for 10 years...) and best for that was wella koleston, not sure how good their black is though... plus it has to be mixed with creme oxyde but sticked to my hair forever ^^

  3. How about some Goth DIY posts?

  4. I had good luck with Revlon Colorsilk. Doesn't damage at all and is only $4!