Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review: WackyButtons

One of my blogging resolutions was to include fewer review posts, but I can't help this one! I am extraordinarily excited at the purchase I just made and I thought that it would be extremely relevant to any Goths that are DIY fans. I included a little link to it in a previous post and in the future I plan on showing you the project that inspired me to order. What am I talking about? I got custom buttons from Wacky Buttons, and they rock!

First, a little background. In the writing program I am in at my school, during our senior year we complete "lineage" projects to show the things that have influenced us as people and writers. Part of the lineage project is to make a visual/physical display of our progress. In the past there have been projects ranging from a story-book to a decorated fort to a shopping cart filled with memorabilia. For my lineage I decided on decorating a leather jacket (a la the Old School Goths) to show the things that I love and where I came from as an artist. My design was simple, but required a lot of buttons. Enough to at least semi-cover one arm of the jacket. As I poked around for buttons for sale, I discovered that, damn, buttons are expensive. 2 dollars per button? That would cost me a fortune for a school project! So, I began looking for cheap alternatives. That's how I found Wacky Button.

Wacky Button is a website that allows you to either use a template or free-design to create a button using images and text of your choice. It's simple to use online designer allows you to import images from your computer, arrange them on the button, and then save the button for later purchase. They have features that allow your text to wrap around the button in a circle as well as some pre-made image choices (including a Halloween section that has many Goth-appropriate images.) Your possibilities are endless for combining their features with your own images and text. At the end of my button-creating spree, I ended up with well over 100 design options for buttons for my jacket.

Unfortunately, Wacky Button has a set number of buttons that they will allow you to buy at a time: 72. Of course, you can place more than one order, but it is inconvenient. I chose my 72 buttons and then placed my order. For 72 one-inch buttons it cost me just $37 (including shipping!) as opposed to other websites where it might have cost me up to $144 for 72 buttons (plus whatever shipping might have been!) Of course, I also chose to buy one-inch buttons. They have options for other sizes (and even options to have magnet-backs instead of pin-backs) which cost more, but that's to be expected.

I ordered the buttons on Monday, January 16th and they arrived on Thursday, January 19th. I didn't even chose the fastest shipping option! I'm so surprised at the turn-around and shipping time on the buttons and I couldn't be more pleased. They arrived in a padded envelope containing a plastic bag with the buttons. The buttons themselves have a nice, sharp shank in the back that goes through leather with pretty minimal fuss. I will say, however, that don't plan on putting a lot of text on the 1 inch buttons like I did, it turned out tiny! But that was my mistake, not theirs. Overall, I say go buy from Wacky Button! If you have a blog, go look up their coupon options because if you put a link to them on your blog you can get a 10% off coupon.

Design preview and the finished button. I thought about creating several of these buttons to hand out at the Mutter Museum meet up in June. Thoughts?

Reminder: Please do not use images that do not belong to you if you plan on selling the buttons, unless you have the artist's express permission and plan on paying them. It's absolutely rude. For the interested, I will show you the jacket's progress in a future post. I'm so excited about how it's coming together!


  1. What an fun project, it'll be interesting to see the finished product ^^

  2. Those are really neat! :o I love buttons, but I always manage to break the backs on mine. It never fails.

    I never understood why a button/pin needed to be 2$. One time a friend and I found these really cute ones at a local art gallery, and I loved them to pieces; however, I am NOT buying a pin for two dollars.

    The jacket sounds like it's going to look amazing; I can't wait to see it!

    I think I could buy a batch of these and have quite a bit of shopping regarding the various holidays all done at once!

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