Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thoughts on Anna-Varney

Oh boy, Goth drama. My favorite kind! Sometimes watching the black lace and ratted hair fly is all I want in life, so long as I'm not the one fighting about something. This week, however, Goths from all over have been entering into a debate about one Ms. Anna-Varney, of Sopor Aeternus. All over the internet you can find posts about being an "Ex-Sopor" fan, both for and against the notion. I thought I'd do a post about this whole bit of drama and then ask you all what you thought.

Disclaimer: this article mentions Zoophilia and other fetishes. If this would upset you in any way, I do advise that you wait. No, there won't be explicit pictures.

Source: Last.FM

A little bit of background, first. Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows is a "neoclassical darkwave, dark folk, neo-Medieval, and Gothic rock" band (if Wikipedia is to be believed) whose lyrics are range from spooky to creepy to makes-my-skin-crawl uncomfortable, with a few songs about loss in there somewhere. The vocals are done by Anna-Varney Cantodea. Due to unfortunate circumstances, her childhood was a less than happy one, with rumors of abuse and beatings going around, which has left her with a bad taste in her mouth in regards to humans. Because she dislikes humans so much, she refuses to do live performances or even meet her fans, but lives a relatively isolated existence. So, what did she do to piss people off? Apparently, Goths are none too pleased with people who support and condone beastiality.

Try as I might, my readers, I could not find a single person who has a screen cap of the incident itself. What happened apparently was that Anna-Varney made some sort of pro-beastiality comment on her Facebook page, which made a lot of people very angry and forced Facebook to shut her page down. I'm not entirely sure if this was her saying that she participated in it or if she was just saying "whatever you wanna do, do it," but that's okay. Even on the non-official pages people, former fans mostly, were leaving nasty messages and claiming that she was abusing the animals and that they thought that her lyrics about fetishistic subject were joking.

Yes, you read that right. She's mentioned this before. My favorite, proud example of her more controversial and fetishistic songs include The Urine Song (lyrics), an amusing romp. Of course, this does not satisfy some critics, who say that a urine fetish is not the same as a beastiality one because beastiality cannot be consensual. If consent is, as I have heard it described, "nothing less than a sober, enthusiastic yes" then it hardly seems that beastiality can be consensual. None the less, people who support this sexual style say that you can tell when an animal does and does not want it. Anna-Varney is a committed vegan and empathizes with animals more than humans. If you were to say that her condoning beastiality was animal abuse, she would probably be more than a bit upset.

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As it stands currently, beastiality is illegal in 32 states of the USA and in many countries. I'm not entirely sure about where Anna-Varney lives, but perhaps it is a legal practice there. Of course, if Facebook is banning it because it is illegal, then why do I have friends who have "liked" Facebook groups about Marijuana use? It's illegal too, here, anyway. What makes it different?

Well, lets not beat about the bush. Zoophilia in all forms has been practiced for a very long time. In the eighteenth century you can find art from Asia that depicts women having sex with octopuses, from Europe you have tales of men having sex with sheep. It is not a new phenomenon. Then again, many things that we now frown upon were ancient traditions, so that doesn't concern it really. Anna-Varney's condoning of the sexualization of animals is not that unusual in the modern day, either. I won't post any links, but a simple Google search can turn up many articles, forum discussions, and groups that support the practice of beastiality and are willing to share their experiences. And you know what the great thing is? These fetishists, like all others, are people too. They aren't scary or unusual, they're perfectly respectful, they're just like me and you. Despite popular portrayals of Zoophiles as sexually deprived, these people's beastiality is just one aspect of their lives, and a lot of them have human partners as well. Perhaps these groups will soon redefine our concept of consent. Well, not is PETA gets to them, anyway.

As far as I am concerned, it is not my responsibility as a fan to try to A) teach Anna-Varney a moral lesson about animal abuse, B) judge her on the things she posts on her Facebook, or C) change my opinion about her music because of something she, as a person, said. I, as a fan of her music, just like the songs, and if she happens to use the money I pay for her music to support a lifestyle that includes condoning beastiality, that's not really my concern. I'm not a vegan, nor am I vegetarian, I routinely participate in a meat industry that is less than kind to animals, so I'm hardly a moral authority on the subject of animal abuse. Would I have sex with my cats? Not at all, but nor would I presume to judge people on their sexual preferences, which can't really be helped.

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And you know what Anna-Varney thinks of all these opinions? Yours? Mine? She doesn't give one single fuck, and is off baking cookies like a boss. Yeah. She's that cool. I'm not that cool though, and I care about your opinions. Go ahead and share what you think of this development as well as anything you know about it down in my comments section.


  1. I think this is very interesting.
    I'm a fan of the Ensemble of Shadows, but had no idea about her facebook drama.
    I really don't know what to make of how I feel about Zoophilia personally, but I feel the same as you.
    I like her music, and to me that's all that really matters when it comes to situations like this.

  2. Well, I don't give a flying, either. I don't get how any of this should be related to her music at all. Bunch of people bitching about nothing...

    I have my own fetishes, so nothing bothers me. As long as I'm not the one doing it, I'm fine.

    Well written, as said.

  3. I'm glad people on here aren't throwing a fuss about it, I'd feel quite awkward being the only one that has ambivalent feelings about such activities.
    Thank you very much, LucretiaLevi and Maeam. :)

  4. I enjoyed this very much, It's interesting. I adore her either way, and I'm sure she has reason to hate humans. who wouldn't? we're dumb. but besides that I think she is by far the greatest artist, for choosing to not meet anyone or have people follow her, it makes her more unique, and I'm sure all her fans who truly love her physically and mentally would all hope to hear from her again and or meet her, I know, being me I would love to just hold her hand and tell her she is an inspiration to me and leave it at that.

  5. I had never heard of this (or indeed any) rumour about Anna. Like yourself, and the few others out there like us, I am drawn to her as an artist and reading in your blog that she is a vegan (another new fact for me) only makes her that much more special in my eyes. I only wish I were as evolved as she is and no longer cared what the world thought about me. Anyway, thanks for posting!

  6. Perfect post. What people do if up to them as long as it doesn't 'harm' them. What right do we have to judge another for their sexual preferences when we are merely humans? Cats fuck dogs, dogs fuck cats, humans fuck sheep, its all the same. And Yes, another animal can 'consent'. People either haven't had animals or are fucking stupid if they don't know this. I've lived with animals since I can remember and I can always tell when a horse will kick you, when its safe to walk up to a dog, when its time to back away from a cat. Just because a creature doesn't make a noise doesn't mean you can't read their body language and you know what? Animals even willing try to have intercourse with us varying from trying to enter you while naked, to humping your leg to even fucking your stuff animals. o-o Stop trying to repress natural human instincts. LET US GO WILD LIKE WE WERE SUPPOSE TO!

  7. Are we absolutely positive that she is into that, is it for certain that she really said she's into that? I am unsure if its a real fact or just hearsay. maybe she just doesn't think it's a big deal or maybe she just likes to cover controversial topics, you know, to shake things up? Or maybe she just said it because she knows it would get people all up on their high judgmental horse? if you feel like chatting further with me about this I would love to know what else you might have to say about this! I am very curious, I like Anna, I can relate to her quite a bit, I was brutalized as a child as well, I haven't taken my mistrust of other humans as far as she has, but I do not think that she is weird because she doesn't like or trust other people. I truly liked what you wrote and if you ever have the time to chat with me I would very much appreciate that! My name is Tulip, my email is if you have no interest or time to chat with a perfect stranger I totally understand and will like you anyway!

  8. Interesting points you're making here, although I do understand that this has been written in 2011 so it might not be still representative of your thoughts/feelings on the topic.

    Nevertheless, I'm especially intrigued by the non-consensual nature of zoophilia in relation to your attitude towards Anna-Varney's comment (which admittedly I have not read), as well as your profound tolerance and understanding of other people's sexual fetishes.

    If I am allowed to, I'd like to draw some parallels to other similar topics of non-consensual sex:
    More specifically, it is truly remarkable to observe that many people whose sexual fetish is rape or pedophilia are people too. They aren't scary or unusual, they're perfectly respectful (at least to people other than the object of their fetish), they're just like me and you. Despite popular portrayals of rapists and pedophiles as sexually deprived, these people's fetish is just one aspect of their lives.

    It also needs to be said that sometimes it is indeed difficult to obtain consent from a person who is drunk/unconscious, let alone from a child that does not even know yet what sexual intercourse is. And of course let us not forget that rape and pedophilia in all forms have been practiced for a very long time. Throughout the history of human existence as a matter of fact, (If every historian, in every country, during any period of time, is to be believed).

    Considering the aforementioned points, brilliantly articulated by you on the topic of zoophilia, I wonder whether you take the same stance on those other two examples of non-consensual fetishes.

    If you are indeed consistent in your admirable and open-minded tolerance and understanding towards other people's fetishes, then I guess there's not much left to talk about. But if you are not, I would very much like you to explain me why, (while also managing to not come across as a hypocrite).

    Kind regards,

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