Saturday, December 24, 2011

Goth Music for the Holidays

Hello lovelies, I'm afraid due to the pre-Christmas shenanigans there will not be an actual post today. I hope you all are having a delightful holiday season, no matter what you celebrate, and you can expect a real post on the 28th. In the mean time, here are some songs appropriate for those of us who celebrate Christmas in a spookier way.

"Gothic Christmas" - Within Temptation

"Christmas Sucks" by Porn Orchard

Carol of the Bells - Trans Siberian Orchestra

Making Christmas - Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack

Comin' Out for Christmas - Voltaire

Oh Holy Night - Apocalyptica

We Wish you a Merry Xmas - Metal Xmas

Jingle Balls - KoRn

"A Winter Wassail" by Faith and the Muse

"Dance of the Sugar Plumb Fairy" by Abney Park

Happy holidays and stay safe and spooky!

1 comment:

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