Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween is Over: Things to Do

Hey lovelies! I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween. I noticed that a lot of blogs deviated from their usual posting schedules to accommodate the Goth's favorite holiday, but I was super busy on Halloween. I did, unfortunately, have school, so that was a bust, but afterwards it was scary movies and yummy treats all evening long. However, to avoid the post-Halloween funk I sometimes find myself in, I've devised a list of things to do to take advantage of the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving (or even Christmas!) everywhere from local activities to the world of retail. I hope you enjoy:
My family's pumpkins (I wasn't home the day they carved so I didn't get one! D: )

1. Stock up on cheap gothy accessories for cheap -

Black nail polish, striped tights, fishnets, hair spray, pale facial powders, false eyelashes and more will be available for cheap from anywhere from drug stores to costume shops. Most of these items will be the same quality as they would be year-round, just at a cheaper price, but use your common sense for the most part.

2. Keep reading up on spooky literature -

For me, at least, the big after-Halloween slump is caused by an overall lack of spookiness. To prevent this, go ahead and find some great horror, mystery or supernatural literature so that you can ease yourself out of the hyper-spooky Halloween season. If you have trouble paying attention for long novels, there's always the CreepyPasta archive of short stories to make your spine crawl.

3. Eat more pumpkin foods -

Pumpkins don't go out of season right after Halloween, you know! Find toasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pies, pumpkin spice lattes, and other treats from your local food retailers or buy a couple cans of pumpkin and make them yourself! If you're not a big fan of pumpkin, try adding cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger to your baked goods recipes for a little fall spiceyness.

4. Watch horror movies -

This is the same theory was with the spooky literature, but a bit more in-your-face. Maybe I'm a visual person, but I don't jump out of my skin while reading a book quite like I do while watching a good horror movie. Best Horror Movies has a list of the 100, you guessed it, best horror movies of all time, if you need any inspiration. I'll be doing a review of a movie I saw recently, Megan is Missing, in a week or two, but there are plenty other horror movies out there. If you have Netflix, it's even easier to find good ones.

5. Indulge in Halloween candy -

If you were a trick-or-treater this Haloween, you got yours for free. Don't eat it all in one night! If you're like me and had other plans, you can still enjoy candy because, guess what? Most stores will be having a sale on whatever candy they were unable to sell before Halloween for the next week why not grab a bag or two and munch on it for the next month? Seems like a good idea to me....

Ps: Here's my costume! Again with my favorite Rococo-dress, but this time with a corset, fangs, and vial necklace filled with stage blood! (It's utterly impossible to take flattering pictures of those fangs, since I have to hike my lips up to show them off. I'll keep practicing, though you all have to deal with the silly expression here.)


  1. I like your make up. :3

    Just incase you didn't notice. I nominated you for a Gothic Blog Award!

  2. Your costume is amazing and so is your makeup!!! Altogether you look incredible!!!!

  3. Oh! Thank you very much, SaryWalrus. I'm really flattered!

    And thank you, Smashed Doll. I'm really pleased with it too, for a last minute type thing. <3

  4. Hey, new follower here :)
    I suffer from a lack of spookiness as well, but I hope to get my hands on a few cheap Helloween accessoires (hair clips and tights with bats or skelleton print <3)

  5. Better hurry on that then, LucretiaLevi. I had to make a mad dash to get them before they were swapped out for Christmas things (seriously, stores? It's November!)


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