Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shallow Wants: Rain Boots and Umbrellas

Have I mentioned that Maryland autumns, not springs, are the times of year when it rains the most? It's absolutely true. It's been off and on raining, never more than 24 hours with sun, for a while. Obviously, I love it, I'll be sad to see it go when I go off to college. Fortunately, most of my colleges are in pretty cold and wet places, like Massachusetts or Maine or Washington. Still, my wardrobe isn't as water proof as I wish it were, so I've been thinking about cute rainboots and umbrellas. Here, have my collection of shallow wants:


  1. hi, love your blog! this is a fabulous collection of umbrellas and goul-ashas. i'm flattered you included mine from etsy, but there are a few others on here (like the black and white and the open waves) that i'm now jones'in for. be still my pocketbook!!

    ~ Cye (

  2. Hey, some of those boots don't look half bad!

    Did I hear/see you say/type Washington, as in the state? I feel like I should tell you that if you are indeed meaning the state and not the capitol, that we Washingtonians don't use umbrellas or rain boots.

  3. @Cye - Thank you very much, and I was happy to use the umbrella, the style of it was lovely!

    @Ashlee - I did mean the state, I am applying to Seattle University. You Washingtonians clearly have thicker skin than I do, though, because I rely on umbrellas so that my book bag (which is not waterproof) does not get wet and my papers do not get ruined. Besides, I'm already going to stick out with the Baltimore accent, so not fitting in on the account of raingear wouldn't bother me much.