Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Week Outfit Post

Now, why do I only have three pictures for this week? My school district was closed on Monday and Tuesday due to power outages from Hurricane Irene, so I my school started on Wednesday. As I said in my post "Your Back to School Wardrobe: Do and Do Not," I go to an magnet art High School, so my dress code is pretty lenient. And, without further babblings, my outfits!

On Wednesday:

Blouse: Target
Velvet overskirt: Fanplusfriend
Ruffle-butt underskirt: Fanplusfriend
Socks: Leg Avenue
Necklace: Victorian Trading Co.
Rings: Various

On Thursday:

Blouse: Fanplusfriend
Skirt: Retroscope Fashions
Spider earrings: Spencer's
Rings: Various

On Friday:

Blouse: Torrid
Ruffle butt skirt: Fanplusfriend
Knee high stockings: Leg Avenue
Bat skull necklace: gift

I hope all of you that are taking classes have started the year off right and that everyone is getting super psyched for Halloween! I know I am!

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