Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Makeup Routine

I'm really being loaded up with homework right now, so doing actual posts is kind of draining. I decided to do a makeup routine post just because I could just take the pictures while doing my makeup in the morning and have the post be a complete breeze. I have more exciting content next Wednesday when I'm finished with all of the weekend load of homework that my teachers like to spring on me.

1. Start with clean face, brushed teeth, sunscreen applied and hair pulled back.

2. Fill in eyebrows
I fill in my brows with N.Y.C.'s "925A" which is a grayish-brown that I chose because a black eyebrows look incredibly harsh on my face, even with my dyed black hair, but brown eyebrows are much too light. The gray in this one manages to keep my brows looking consistent with my hair while the brown helps it from being too unnatural.

3. Apply an eye primer all over the lid
I use Urban Decay primer potion, which does help my makeup not to crease, but I'm running out and I was thinking about looking for another brand to try, but we'll see.

4. Apply a white eyeshadow all over the lid,
However, I keep it more concentrated in the inner corners since I'll be covering the outer edges anyway. For this, I cheat and don't actually use an eyeshadow! I cant seem to find a good pay-off white matte eyeshadow, so I use "White heat" face powder by Bloody Mary cosmetics. That stuff is so useful, especially to use as eyeshadow and for lightening powders that are just a touch too dark for your skin.

5. Apply black eyeshadow in the outer corner and crease
What I do is first use a flat brush and put the matte black eyeshadow (I use MAC's "Carbon") in the crease, then slowly smudge it down onto the lid to create a more natural shade that emphasizes the size of my eyes.

6. Use liquid eyeliner to line the eye from inner corner to outer corner
And keep it thin and close to the lash line. Sometimes I do a small wing at the corners, but usually I just do a solid line. The eyeliner I use is dirt cheap (from the local drug store), and it's called "Black Radiance" though I can't find the brand name on the tiny bottle.

7. Apply mascara
If you're a ditz like me, sometimes you forget to apply mascara until the very last minute, which is what happened in this case. However, I use Maybelline's "XXL Pro" which is a really nice, reliable mascara. It doesn't clump or flake, which are really the only two things I require, since I hate having to fix my makeup during the day.

8. Clean out any fallen eyeshadow from underneath your eyes
Moisten the q-tip and sweep out any eyeshadow or smudged eyeliner from under your eyes. See, this is why we do our eye makeup before any face products. If you waited to clean out that fallen shadow until after you had applied concealer and powder, you'd have to worry about reapplying them when you inevitably take off some of the face products with your q-tip.

9. Apply Concealer
I use a MAC Studio Finish concealer (with SPF 35!) in the lightest shade and it works like a dream at getting rid of under eye darkness and blemishes all over my face. I apply it with a (clean) finger simply because brushes seem to make the concealer look streaky. Just blend blend blend!

10. Apply powder
I use a big fluffy brush and apply L'oreal Paris's "Airwear" (which has an additional SPF 17!) in circular motions on my skin and then blend it down to below my jaw line to make sure that I don't have any pancake face syndrome.

11. Apply Blush
Gasp! A goth wear's blush?! Well, not in the traditional way, I suppose. The key here is not to use a bright pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, but to use a dusty rose color under your cheekbones to contour them and create the image of higher, more defined cheekbones. You can see this look down with purple eyeshadows in some goth looks, but I think that's a bit too dramatic for day wear. I use Estee Lauder's "Nude Rose" for my blush.

12. Line your lips
I use a cheap hot topic eyeliner pencil for lining my lips, and I have no idea if it has a name or not. It's the mauve, pinky-purple color though, and it is sheer enough to go on my lips without showing from under my lipstick. However, if you are going to use an eyeliner pencil for lipliner, do NOT use the same pencil that you use on your eyes. You will swap germs and possibly give yourself a bad eye infection. Have a separate pencil for each or at least sanitize them between uses.

13. Apply lipstick
Or lipgloss, if you're that type of person. However, I prefer lipstick so that my hair doesn't get caught on it. My favorite and most used color is Estee Lauder's "Edgy" which is a dark pinky-purple with slight shimmer. It might be too intense for some people, but I looove dark lips, even when I'm using a lot of deeper shades in my eyes.

14. Take hair down and adjust bangs
And then you're good to go!

Also, do you like my nails? I seem to change up my nailpolish every week or so, leaving my nails unpainted over the weekends, and for this week's I followed Jillian Venter's instructions for Blood Splatter manicures and I think it's tons of fun. The polishes that I used are:

Neutral - O.P.I's "Polar Bare"
Medium red - Longer & Stronger's "Take Charge"
Dark red - Sally Hansen's "Glossy"
Black - Essence's "Fabuless"
Top coat - Wild And Crazy's "Iceland"

Now, what to do this coming week? Gray with black tips? Sparkly black? We'll see!


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