Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Must Have: Clear nail polish

A closet filled with black clothes will only go so far in life before they start to show wear. If you're into the antiqued or destroyed look, that's great to a point, but after a while some of those details will impede the wearability of the garment. You're going to need to upkeep those clothes at some point, and one of the easiest and cheapest ways to go about doing this is to buy a bottle of clear nail polish. To get the best results, pick up a bottle in a quick drying formula.

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1. Stop a run in a pair of stockings with a dot of clear nail polish at the ends of the run, especially useful if you just shreaded a pair of tights and don't want them to completely fall apart!
2. Prevent threads from breaking at the centers of buttons by putting a little dot at the center of the button over the top of the threads.
3. Replace an aglet at the end of your shoelace by dipping it in the bottle, or create an aglet for a piece of ribbon that is currently serving as a shoelace.
4. Avoid the ugly pinkish discoloration of jewelry made of cheap metals by brushing over the jewelry with clear nail polish. Also useful if you worry about cheap jewelry turning your skin green!
5. Keep belt buckles from scuffing by brushing them over with clear nail polish. Two to four layers should be enough, and make sure to let them dry between coatings.
6. Seal the cracking patent leather on shoes with a few thin layers of clear nail polish.
7. If you're out and your false nail or a decoration from your false nail has fallen off, a dot of clear nail polish should serve as a decent temporary glue until you can return home and fix the nail correctly.
8. Coat the metal bottom of your hair spray bottles with clear nail polish to prevent them from rusting and discoloring your counter top.
9. To end the frustration of threading a needle, run the thread through clear nail polish and allow to dry (it shouldn't take more than a minute) so that it has a nice, stiff point to thread with.
10. Keep screws on your sunglasses or reading glasses from falling loose by topping them with a small dot of clear nail polish. Don't use too much, though, or the screw won't be able to turn and your glasses may be stuck open or closed.

I personally use Wild and Crazy's "Iceland" as my clear nail polish of choice, because it's dirt cheap, but other options include OPI's "Topcoat," "Nail Protector" by Wet N Wild, and "Hard as Nails" topcoat by Sally Hansen.


  1. These are some really good tips! I only knew about the stocking tears and button thread ones.

  2. Thank you very much, and I apologize for the delayed response. Blogger wasn't showing me that someone had commented. D:

  3. Is Mary Rose your birth name or an alias?

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